10 Fun Drinking Games While Camping Around A Fire

Camping with your best friends may be fun, but sometimes you will need something extra to keep the party atmosphere. Fun drinking games are always a good option, so if you need ideas on what you can do while camping, we are here to give you some tips. There are a lot of drinking games that may be fun to play, but here are a few of the most popular ones:

Best Campfire Drinking Games

1. Never Have I Ever

Camping game – Never Have I Ever

This game is fun and juicy itself when the deepest secrets are revealed but if you decide to pair it with alcohol, we can assure you that it will be a night to remember.

First, make sure that everybody has a drink. After that, choose one person to start the game and that person needs to start with something they have never done before by saying: “Never have I ever …”. If somebody in the circle did this that was stated in the sentence, they need to take a drink. The game usually gets more interesting and juicy as it continues going into the night.

2. The Alphabet Game

Camping game – The Alphabet Game

This is the game with which you can test your geography and memory skills. The first person that starts the game needs to name one city (anywhere in the world) that starts with the letter A (like Amsterdam). The person next to them needs to repeat that city and also name a city that starts with the letter B (like Barcelona).

The third player repeats those two cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona) and says the third that needs to start with the letter C. The game continues through all letters of the alphabet but the first person to say something wrong or that is not able to remember needs to take a drink. Trust me, this is really great game to play!

3. The Beer Pong

Camping Game – The Beer Pong

This game is for sure a classic amongst drinking games that you can play. For this, you need a longer table, some red solo cups, a ping pong ball, and, of course, beer. Make a pyramid shape out of your cups – you can do that by putting five cups and then four, three, etc. Do not forget to fill every cup with a good amount of beer.

One team consists of two players maximum but you can also play solo if you like that more. The goal of the game is to throw a ping pong ball into one of the cups of the opposite team. When that is done, that team needs to drink the beer inside that cup and remove it from the table.

The first team to clear cups from the opposing teams is the winner. There is also another version of the game that is cleaner. You can fill your cups with water and then drink from the bottle when you need to drink. Here is a youtube video that shows how to play this game:

4. G’Day Bruce

Camping game – G’Day Bruce

This Australian drinking game may seem easy, but it can get really confusing and difficult when you combine it with drinks. Especially if a lot of other people are participating in it. It starts with one person saying: “G’Day Bruce!” to the player next to them. This player replies to the first player by also saying: “G’Day Bruce!”

The first player responds to this by saying: “ Say G’Day to Bruce, Bruce”, meaning to say that to the third player. So, the second player then turns and says: “G’Day Bruce!” to the third player.

After this little part finishes, the tricky part comes. The next Bruce is now chosen randomly in the circle, and the order is not followed. If somebody gets it wrong, they obviously need to take a drink, but they also change their name to another one like Steve, making the game even more exciting, hard, and tricky.

5. Drinking Game Called “21”

Camping Game Called “21”

For this game, you will need a group of people that are sitting around a campfire with drinks in their hands, and you will also need an extra glass that will be called witch glass in the game. Starting with the youngest person in the circle, numbers are called in order, but if somebody messes up the order or says the number 21, they need to drink and create a new rule that will be followed in the game.

Anything can be a rule like, for example: “If your number consists of number 3, you need to run around the circle and then say the number”.

Each time somebody gets something wrong, they need to drink. In the witch glass, you can put some kind of strong alcohol (hard liquor) and then create a rule that consists of people drinking from this glass.

6. The Tipsy Artist

Camping Game – The Tipsy Artist

This game is both for people who can and cannot draw, but be prepared to drink more if you are bad at drawing. One person needs to keep track of time, while the artist is drawing. When the artist is selected, they whisper a word to them that they need to draw and start a timer.

The artist then attempts to draw this word on paper, and other players need to guess what it is. When somebody guesses it correctly, the artist needs to take a drink for every 20 seconds that passed when he was drawing. The goal is to draw quickly but to be careful that it is not sloppy because you will have a lot to drink.

7. Drink Drink Shot!

Camping game – Drink Drink Shot!

From the child game “Duck, Duck, Goose” another one was made up and this one includes alcohol and is called “Drink, Drink, Shot!”

For this game, every person needs to have a beer and a shot of some liquor. People are sitting around a campfire and one person is chosen to go around and tap everyone on the shoulder. When this person taps you, you need to take a drink but if they say Shot!, you need to run.

The player that was tapping other players and a player that was chosen for a shot needed to run around the circle and sit in that empty spot that was just left empty. Whoever is the first one to get to the empty spot is free and another person needs to take a shot and continue tapping players.

8. The Flip Cup

Camping game – The Flip Cup

For this drinking game, you will need some red solo cups that will be lined on each side of the long table. This game is better if there is a larger group of people playing.

There should be two even teams, and every person needs to have one cup and fill it up with beer. The teams stand on the opposite sides of the table and need to face each other. The first player of each team drinks from the cups and tips them on the table’s edge.

They need to flip it back to the right position, and when they do, the next player does the same thing. It goes like a race, and the first team to finish is the winner. You can play it in more rounds also.

9. The Polish Horseshoes (Beer Stick)

Camping game – Polish Horseshoes

You maybe heard of this game but with a different name, “Beer Stick”. This can be extra fun if you are camping near the beach or on it. For this game, you will need two PVC pipes or poles that you will install into the ground 25 feet (7.6 m) apart from each other. A cup of beer should be placed on each pole. Divided into two teams, people stand behind their team’s pole and try to knock other teams’ beer off the pole with a frisbee.

Here are some rules that need to be followed when playing this game:

  • No catching or blocking of the frisbee before it passes the pole
  • One beer needs to always be in your hand
  • Beer can’t be saved before the frisbee hits the pole

The team that is throwing the frisbee is the only one that can score in that round. You score like this:

  • You throw the frisbee and the other team fails to catch the frisbee (1 point)
  • You throw the frisbee, knock the beer off but the team catches the frisbee (2 points)
  • Both frisbee and beer touch the ground (3 points)

If the frisbee that was thrown is impossible to catch (uncatchable frisbee) because it is thrown below the knees etc., the team gets no points.

10. Camping Words

This is the game that can last through the whole day or even the whole camping. You need to think of a list of words that you want (you use them frequently like camping-related words – tent, fire, wood, etc.) and when somebody uses a word from this forbidden list, they need to take a drink. With more words on the list, it will be more interesting and harder to avoid drinking. This game is one of my favorites.

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Bonus Campfire Drinking Games That You Can Play

11. Medusa

Players should start this game by looking down and counting to three. When the count is over, they look up and look directly at one of the players. If the players are looking directly at each other, they must yell “Medusa” and drink.

Everybody else that is not in that category is safe. If you want to make it more fun, make sure that those players race to each other’s seats after yelling “Medusa” and the player that is slower should drink double.

12. Dizzy Race

Two chosen players must race to a specified point and also back but after spinning 10 times in a circle. The winner must race with another player and the loser drinks. People get dizzier and dizzier with every race. The last person standing is the ultimate winner!

13. Truth or Dare

This game is a classic that a lot of people have played in their life, especially during childhood. It is loved by both adults and kids and can result in much fun during your camping trip. If you never played the game, we will explain the rules to you! The game goes in a circle and each player picks from truth or dare. If they pick the truth, a person that is asking picks a question and this person needs to answer it truthfully. If a person picks a dare, a person that is asking picks any dare they can think of and they need to do it.

14. Name That Song

This game can be a really good one, especially if you have a musician in your group who can play any song you may think of. They should play a small part of some song and other players guess which song it is as quickly as they can. You can choose to play in teams or solo.

It can also be played without a musical instrument by putting the names of the songs in a hat and each player needs to choose one and sing it. It does not matter if you can or cannot sing but it matters that you know the song and that other players can guess it from your singing.

Final Thoughts

Now you are ready to make your camping way more fun by using these fun drinking games! There are a lot of games to test but it is most important that your friends like them also. We assure you that there will be a lot of laughing and smiling but you also need to be careful and stay safe while drinking!

If you are camping with children, you can also adapt these games, so that they can join you and have fun with you also. They are perfect for bonding but also for making new friends. You may play these games at different parties since they can be adapted to every situation. Enjoy!

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