11 Best RV Outdoor Rugs For Camping

When traveling to unfamiliar places with your RV (Recreational vehicle), it is always nice to have something that gives you a sense of home. RV outdoor rug is one of the accessories that can give you comfort while camping and enjoying the view of the destination.

At the same time, the outdoor rug is a practical accessory that makes travel easier and allows the user to maintain cleanliness more easily. There are certainly a number of good reasons to get an outdoor rug for your RV.

Once you decide to get an outdoor rug, the question arises of which one to choose and which one provides the best value for money, given its durability. In this article, we’ll give you a better insight into RV outdoor rugs. We will consider why it is good to get it, what to pay attention to when buying, and which are currently the best outdoor rugs on the market.

Why It Is Good To Have an RV Outdoor Rug For Camping

Advantage of having a rug on camping

The RV outdoor rug helps the user keep sand and dirt out of the vehicle, and that is useful when it comes to camping in areas that are muddy. Even though RVs are just housed on wheels, every owner wants their interior to be clean. Also, an outdoor rug is a great way to form extra space while camping. Especially if the rug is placed under the tent and the dining set is on it.

Things To Look For When Buying an RV Outdoor Rug

When looking for an outdoor rug, you should pay the most attention to cleaning possibilities, storage methods, durability, and quality. The best option is rug models that have usability on both sides and are made of a material resistant to the sun and do not harm the environment.


The durability of the Rug

Once you buy an outdoor rug, it is quite clear that you want it to last as long as possible. If you buy a new rug, it should definitely serve you for several seasons of camping in all possible weather conditions, regardless of your lifestyle and the number of people that are using it.

Since outdoor rugs are highly exposed to moisture, mold resistance is their greatest feature. Therefore, durability is the most important thing that you need to consider when buying. You should pay special attention to the material from which the rug is made of.


Quality material for RV rug

How durable an outdoor rug is, depends on the quality of the material it is made of and the way it is manufactured. The material should be resistant to sand, dirt, rain, and salt, the impact of toys and pets, and generally frequent use.

Outdoor rugs are exposed to the sun, so it is important to be resistant to the negative effects of UV rays that can fade it. You should also pay attention to the way the rug is manufactured. No one wants to buy a rug that will start to tear at the edges after a few uses. Therefore, the rug needs to be made of solid material and of quality production.


Store your RV rug

Whether you are camping in a Campervan Class B or a 40-foot big motorhome, you need to think about how you will store your outdoor rug. The weight of the rug and the space it will take up in the RV are always big concerns.

By no means do you want to buy a rug that can’t be folded and saved in the form of a smaller package. What you can agree on in terms of weight and compactness is determined by the size of the RV you have, but as with all camping equipment – less is more.

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Easy to Clean

Cleaning of RV rug

This is a very important item! The RV outdoor rug must be easy to clean on a daily basis. In addition to the fact that it is important that you can sweep your rug, it must be made of easily washable material. You have to keep in mind that the rug, in addition to sun exposure and adverse weather conditions, will also often be used as a location for meals.

The rug will quickly end up in the trash if you can’t easily clean up the mud pulled by your pets, sand from baby sandals, or stains from spilled drinks.

Ease of cleaning and stain resistance are great features of the outdoor rug. An example of good material for outdoor rugs is polypropylene, a material that can be cleaned in the blink of an eye by simply washing with a garden hose and then left to air dry before being stored again.

Colors Options

Choose the right color for your RV rug

Whether you are picky when it comes to your camping gear or not, be sure to look up the color options when it comes to outdoor rugs before you buy. There is a large offer of rugs on the market, and we are sure that you will find one that suits you with its quality, but also with its appearance. Choose a rug that will refresh the look of your RV or fit perfectly into the already existing look.

11 Best RV Outdoor Rugs During Camping

Now that we have explained what is important before buying a rug, we bring you an overview of the top 11 outdoor rugs for RVs that can currently be found on the market. Keep in mind that we have not tried all of these rugs, but we have singled them out with the help of careful research and looking into many user reviews.

1. Camco Outdoor Mat

The Camco Outdoor Mat rug comes with edges that are reinforced. They prevent tearing, it is resistant to mold, and they can be used on both sides. The dimensions of this rug are 9’x12 ‘, and it is very popular among campers. Compared to other RV outdoor rugs, it is cheaper, easy to clean, store and transport. It is made of polypropylene tubes, which means that it is generally durable.

The Price: around $50 – $60

2. Ming’s Mark Outdoor Patio Mat

Ming’s Mark Outdoor Patio Mat is made entirely (100%) of pure polypropylene and has protection against damage caused by grass and UV rays. It is easy to clean, both with a broom and water. Its dimensions are 8ftx11ft and, it is available in interesting patterns like palm leaves.

The Price: around $50.00 


3. Fab Habitat Eco-Friendly Mat

Fab Habitat Eco-Friendly Mat is a rug that is child-labor-free. It is also made from recycled disposable plastic straws. This rug comes with a warranty that lasts 1 year. Its dimensions are 6ft x 9ft or 4ft x 6ft. It has protection against damage caused by grass and UV rays.

The Price: around $60 – $120

4. Reversible Mats RV Outdoor Rug

Reversible Mats RV outdoor rug is stylishly very attractive, has the possibility of angular attachment to the ground, and has a bag for easier storage. It also has UV protection, it is very durable and can be used on both sides. Its dimensions are 8ft x 18ft.

The Price: around $82.00

5. Stylish Camping Outdoor RV Mat

The Stylish Camping RV Mat is made entirely of pure polypropylene and has a bag for easier storage. It has the possibility of angular attachment to the ground and is made of a material that is resistant to damage caused by grass. 

It is also resistant to mold, has UV protection, and can be cleaned easily. Its dimensions are 8ftx18ft, which means that it is suitable for large RV patio areas.

The Price: around $90.00

6. Epic RV Outdoor Rug 

The Epic RV Outdoor Rug comes with two sides. One is lighter and suitable for sunny days, and the other darker, so its use is recommended in the shade. It is resistant to mold, is grass friendly, and is made of lightweight material. Its dimensions are 9 x 12 feet, and it can be easy to roll and store.

The Price: around $80.00 

7. Checkers EZ Travel Mat

The Checkers EZ Travel Mat rug comes with a bag that has stakes that allow the rug to be easily transferred and fastened to the ground. Its dimensions are 9 x 12 feet, it is resistant to mold, and has protection against UV radiation that causes color fading.

The Price: around $80.00 

8. Kozyfly Buffalo Check RV Outdoor Rug

We added this rug model to our list for those who want a smaller and cheaper RV outdoor rug. Its dimensions are 4ft x 6ft, and its weight is 5 pounds. Because of that, this is one of the lightweight rugs on this list. It is very easy to store, and on Amazon, it has excellent ratings of over 1,300 users.

The rug is hand-knitted, making it heavier and thicker than similar mats in that category. It has the great advantage that it can be washed in a washing machine (cold water). Users also mention that it dries very quickly, which is a bonus.

The Price: around $20.00-$70.00 

9. AdvenGO Reversi Outdoor RV Mat

The AdvenGO Reversi Mat is made of non-slip polypropylene fabric. The corners of this rug are heat-treated, so they are not subject to tearing. It comes with a bag for easier storage and loops for wedges so that it can be easily attached to the ground. Its dimensions are 9ft x 12ft, it has UV protection, and the rug is water-resistant and easy to clean with water.

10. CGEAR Sand-Free Mat

This mat is sand-free and is made so that sand and dirt pass through it to the ground below. At least that’s what the manufacturers say about this rug. But many users argue that, in reality, this is not true. You also need to know that there are those who say the opposite.

Therefore, keep this in mind if you opt for this model. The durability of this dirt retention rug varies from user to user.

This rug model is actually multi-use, and it stands out as being designed in such a way that it can also serve as military equipment. As well as containing technology that allows its great durability. It is also pointed out that these rugs are resistant to UV radiation and water and that they are very easy to dry.

The Price: around $60.00-130.00 

11. FH Home Recycled Plastic Mat

The FH Home Recycled Plastic Mat is a handmade rug that is made from quality recycled polypropylene. It has loops in the corners for easier attachment to the ground, is stain resistant, and offers a wide range of sizes and designs. It is recommended that it should be used in the shade and that a non-stick substrate should be placed under it before installation.

The Price: around $100.00

RV Outdoor Rug Gives A Style To Your Travel

Although an outdoor rug is not crucial for comfortable camping, it is certainly nice to have it because staying in an unfamiliar environment gives you the feeling of home and makes it easier to maintain and clean an RV.

RV rugs are a common choice for non-RV users, too, as they are great as porch decor, a base for a perfect day at the beach, and camping in a tent. For those traveling with RV and who love to travel with style, RV rugs are a good choice that provides the opportunity to enjoy nature with the comforts of home.

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Final Thoughts

Speaking of rugs for RVs, we can’t help to say a few words about rugs for the interior of recreational vehicles. For this purpose, we have used rugs that are easy to wash with water for years, but in the year behind us, we discovered a new rug that is far better than the one we had.

It is a rug that gives your home on wheels a special feeling of comfort and warmth and which also serves as protection for sensitive floors. These are the best rugs for the interior of the RV we have ever had, which further enhanced the look of the RV.

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