14 Fun And Entertaining Camping Activities for Adults

If you are going on a camping trip with your friends and you don’t know what to do, we are here to help you! We will list 14 camping activities for adults that you may do to spend quality time with your friends.

Fun And Entertaining Camping Activities for Adults

Games are not just for kids! Even though you are an adult, you are still allowed to have fun and do silly things, so we will help you prepare for your camping trip by giving you various activities you can do.

It may sound scary to spend a day without your smartphone, but it’s not. If you plan to go on a camping trip with some friends or family members, you can rely on these activities to help you. There are 14 fun activities that we are going to talk about, but they can be sorted into three categories based on their similarities.

Our adult camping activities are divided into the following:

  1. Campfire Games
  2. Basic Camping Activities 
  3. Active Camping Activities 

Campfire Games for Adults

1. Name That Song

Name that song is the first game on our list. It can be played individually or in a team if there are many people. Everybody loves music, so ‘Name that Song’ can be a fun and easy way to entertain during a camping trip.

There are hundreds of songs to choose from, and you can even use friends who can play these songs on guitar. If you do not have such friends, you can always play songs on your speakers.

The point of the game is to play the songs that are popular, and you can play only the part without lyrics to make it harder. A person or a team that guess the song first – wins! You can also play in a way that a person/team that wins can choose the next song.

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2. The Voting Game

This game is also a good icebreaker since you can play it around people you do not know. It is called a voting game because people need to vote on which person will most likely succeed in doing something.

Every person needs to ask the question. You can ask anything you want and make it fun by including bizarre situations. For example: “How fast do you think a bear can run?”

You can either collect votes anonymously or vote out loud, whatever you find more fun and enjoyable. If you decide to vote in secret, a person who asked the question collects the answers and reads the result out loud. This is a very fun game where you will see how others think.

3. Two Truths and a Lie

This game will help you to get to know each other. It is ideal for friends that you do not know very well and want to get to know them better. It is easy to play and can be a fun activity for anyone.

The rules are simple. You play a game by telling two truths and just one lie about yourself. Each person will have to do this when it is their turn, and other players must guess which is a lie. Sometimes it is tricky to guess, but that is the fun part of this game.

Remember, if it sounds odd, it does not mean that it is a lie. Maybe “a dog once ate my homework” sounds like a typical lie that you tell your teachers when you forget your homework, but it may actually happen to someone. Just play, and have fun doing it.

4. Wink Murder

Wink Murder

This game is full of excitement and secrets which need to be revealed. It is a perfect game for adults to play by the campfire. Before starting the game, one person must be chosen to play the neutral Godfather. However, during that, everyone else must sit and close their eyes.

The person selected as a Godfather goes around that circle and selects a person who will play the killer by tapping their head. After the Godfather made their choice, other players could open their eyes and continue doing whatever they were before they closed their eyes.

The rules are simple. A person is killed when the “killer” winks at them. If somebody discovers who the killer is, they need to report it to others. The goal of this game is to find out the killer before everybody is killed.

Here is an example of how this game is played:


Basic Camping Activities for Adults

5. Broken Telephone

This game is known to almost everyone and can turn into a fun disaster if played by creative people. Although this game is known to be played among children, it can also be played by adults, especially during camping. So, how is this game played?

It starts by whispering sentences into each other’s ear. One person starts by saying funny words, and everybody follows in the circle. The last person must tell the sentence out loud, which is the funniest part of the game. Most often, the sentence that was spoken at the beginning is not nearly the same as the one that ends at the end.

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6. Truth or Dare Game

Truth or dare is one of the popular camping games and can also be played with adults. This game has been a very popular tradition for many years. It was first invented as a command game when leaders would ask questions, and if they believed the answer was not the truth, they would say a dare they needed to do.

Even though it used to be a harsh game, today it is not, and it should not be if you want to have a good time and keep your friends. Spicy questions are fun and interesting but remember not to be disrespectful!

7. Would You Rather

This is also one classic game that is fun to play! “Would You Rather” is a game where you get to know people better and can learn a lot by asking different kinds of questions.

You can ask some regular questions you want to know about your friends, but you can even make things harder by asking spicy questions involving other players. That is how the game gets more interesting! It starts, for example: “Would you rather jump into a lake or go swimming naked?”

8. Twenty Questions

To play this game, you first must choose a person who will answer all the questions. The rule of this game is to guess the object the person who is answering is thinking of within twenty questions that you will ask him. The questions should be yes or no, and the person answering them should not lie.

It is always a good idea to choose something that others would be familiar with because otherwise, they may never guess it, and it will become boring. Find something that is not impossible to guess. For the first question, it is best to ask if an object is a thing, person or a place. Remember, this is not only one but three questions!

Here is a video that shows how this game is played:

9. Mafia Game

For this game, you need at least 7 players. Mafia is a very fun game for adults and can be played at any location. The only thing you need is a deck of cards. What are the rules of this game?

The players are divided by roles where we have people in the mafia, the doctor, the detective, and the innocents. The goal of the mafia is to kill all the innocents before they find out who the mafia is. Each turn, the doctor is able to save a person. The role of the detective is to figure out who the mafia is.

The players are chatting, doing things they would usually do, and then after some time, they all “go to sleep,” and that is when a person who manages the game allows the mafia to kill, the doctor to heal, and the detective to guess. After each “night”, the moderator needs to announce the night’s results to other players – who were murdered, saved, and arrested.

If you still don’t know how this game is played, here is a video that explains everything:

Active Camping Activities for Adults

10. Stand up and Shout

Stand up and shout is a great active game to play. The rules for this game are also simple. Just count how many people you placed in your circle. The more, the better. This can be played at any location and does not have to be announced.

One person yells a number, and each person needs to do so in numerical order. But there is a catch! If two people yell the same number simultaneously, they lose. Also, the person that yells the number also loses.

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11. Who am I?

Game Who am I

This game is also active, even though it does not sound like it. The rules are simple, just write a person/animal/creature on a post-it note and stick it on another person’s forehead. Choose anyone you wish. However, the best idea is to choose someone popular and someone that this person knows and will be able to guess.

This is where it becomes an active game! Each person must go to each player and ask questions about the post-it note. The best is if the questions are YES or NO types of questions and if you do not ask only one person, the whole group. That makes this game great for getting to know other players.

12. Charades Game

Charades Game

This active game can be played on your camping trip; you only need at least 4 players and some space. Create two teams. The game aims to guess what the other team acted out. Anyone can act out whatever they want – a person, an animal, a movie, etc. Other players need to guess what it is.

What makes this game a bit harder and funnier is that you are not allowed to talk while acting. The goal is to perform. You can discuss this with your team members and guess. Whoever gets more points by guessing wins!

13. Glow in the Dark Frisbee

For this game, you’ll need a glowing frisbee. This game can be played by any number of people, and it is best if you have a large space for playing. However, be careful when playing this game because it is played in the dark.

14. Flashlight Tag

Flashlight Tag is also a game that requires movement. Although it sounds like hide and seeks, it isn’t. For this game, you will need flashlights or headlamps.

The seeker looks for players who hide, but the catchy thing is that players can change their hiding spots at any time. When the seeker finds a player, he must tag them with a flashlight. You can even play these games in teams or decide which area to hide to make things a bit harder.

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Final Thoughts

Camping with your friends does not need to be boring! There are a lot of fun camping games that can be played to have fun and get to know each other a bit better. In this article, you could see 14 interesting games that you can play while camping. There are many games to choose from, so you can choose the ones that interest you and your friends the most. Have fun!

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