7 Best Small Class A RVs in 2024

Today, you can very easily find an RV that has a Class A. Many models on the market can perfectly suit the needs of couples, individuals, and smaller families. These compact models contain everything that a large RV class A vehicle has but are carefully arranged to save space. Below, we’ll review seven such RV models and find out why it is a complete hit to go on a trip in such a recreational vehicle. Let’s get started!

How Small Are Class A RVs? 

Small Are Class A RVs

Most campers think that it is possible to buy only RV class C in the category of vehicles up to 30 feet. But this does not have to be the case! Class A RV gas-powered vehicles are already available in sizes between 25’6 ” and 32’2″ feet long. Currently, the smallest RVs on the market within these measures are Vegas 24.1 and Thor Axis 24.1, both 25’6 “long.

It should be noted that smaller RV Class A vehicles come with more clearance. For example, the mentioned Thor Axis model at the midpoint to the top of the AC unit is 11 ‘. Not bad, considering that some large RV class A models have a central height of 14 ‘.

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Advantages of Small Class A RVs

Benefits of Small Class A RVs

Owning a smaller RV class A vehicle has its advantages, and the biggest one is that they are both efficient and comfortable. If you have such a vehicle, you can travel with it to several locations and at the same time enjoy the comforts as if you were driving in a big RV (recreational vehicle).

Going camping in an unexplored area of one of the national parks or enjoying a trip in your home on wheels along the Pacific coast highway is not always possible with a vehicle longer than 30 feet. With a small Class A RV, you can easily park it, it provides a generally more comfortable driving experience and consumes less fuel.

7 Best Small Class A RVs

If you have done the research and concluded that a smaller RV vehicle class A is the way to go, it will surprise you how much choice on the market is in this category of vehicles! We offer you an overview of a few that thrilled us. So, let’s get started!

1. Thor Axis 24.1

RV Class A – Thor Axis 24.1

The Thor Axis 24.1 is definitely the shortest RV on our list, measuring only 25’6 “long and 11 ‘high from the outside. Although these dimensions seem too small for a quality RV vehicle, rest assured that it has enough storage space and offers a comfortable experience to the user.

In the rear of the vehicle, there are two twin beds, on the living room slide out is a sofa, while over the cab, there is a bunk. The bathroom is slightly smaller, but double doors provide extra space as needed. We especially liked the Home Collection™ interior of this model, which allows the owner to choose a modern farmhouse look.

Thor Axis 24.1 Interior

This vehicle is classified as a recreational utility vehicle (RUV™) which means it is a compact vehicle of smaller dimensions compared to larger RVs. But despite that, this RV can sleep up to five people and can handle a load of 6,000 pounds. Its hitch weight rating is 8,000 pounds, and its chassis Ford E-Series with a 7.3L V8 engine allows it to be towed by a larger number of vehicles, that is not the case with larger RVs.

RVs Feature: Very easy parking due to small size. Comes with a modern farmhouse décor option.

2. Fleetwood Flair 28A 

Fleetwood Flair 28A  RV

The Fleetwood Flair 28A is a Class A RV that has external dimensions of 12’4 “in high and 29’3” in length. Inside the vehicle, there are plenty of options for sleeping and socializing, all with two slide-outs. This small RV is a great option for a comfortable trip for as many as six people. At the rear of the vehicle is the master bedroom with a king bed and a large bathroom.

There is a sofa suitable for sleeping in the living room, and the dinette is easily transformed into another bed. Also, over the cab, there is a drop-down queen bed. The kitchen is spacious and contains a large fridge.

Interior of Fleetwood Flair 28A

Flair boasts a Ford F-53 chassis for RV with a V8 engine of 7.3L Triton V, 350 HP, and a torque of 486 pounds. Its hitch weight rating is 8,000 pounds and has a carrying capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. It also has an additional 70 cubic feet of basement storage outside.

RVs Feature: Many options for sleeping and seating for six people. Exterior basement storage of 70 cubic feet.

3. Thor Vegas 25.6

Thor Vegas 25.6 RV

This Thor Vegas 25.6 model is only one foot longer than the RV mentioned above and boasts a huge slide-out that makes the interior much more spacious. The external dimensions of the vehicle are 26’6 in length and 11 “in height. In the rear of the vehicle, there is a queen flip-up bed which is lined on the outside with comfortable pillows. There is also a dinette and over the cab drop-down bunk.

This model has a large bathroom that measures 32″x32“. If the quality interior is especially important to you in the RV, this is the model you should definitely consider. But that doesn’t mean this vehicle isn’t powerful. On the contrary.

Interior of Thor Vegas 25.6

It has a Chassis Ford E-Series with a V8 engine of 7.3L. Although it can only sleep four people, the cargo carrying capacity is 7,500, which means a lot if you are planning longer trips. In addition, the hit weight rating of Thor Vegas is 8,000 pounds.

RVs Feature: Huge wardrobe space and cargo-carrying capacity of 7,500 pounds.

4. Winnebago Intent 28Y

Winnebago Intent 28Y RV

The Winnebago Intent 28Y RV model has dimensions of 12 ‘high and 28’11 “long. It comes with three slide-outs. One for the dinette, one for the bedroom in the back of the vehicle, and one for the space opposite the kitchen. The Winnebago Intent 28Y is a great example of how space can be used in a smaller RV class A.

Over the cab in this model there is a loft bed, the dinette is easily transformed into a drop-down bed, and there is also a bedroom with a queen bed. The kitchen is L-shaped and features a large fridge. In the hallway leading from the bedroom to the kitchen, there are sliding doors that further open up the space.

Interior of Winnebago Intent 28Y

The interior of this RV is very light, which gives it an extra sense of spaciousness. The Winnebago model boasts a Ford F53 chassis for RV with a PFI V8 engine of 7.3L. Its hitch weight capacity is 5,000 pounds, and it has a tongue weight of 5,000 pounds. When it comes to this vehicle, you don’t have to worry about comfortable sleeping on an incline since it is equipped with leveling jacks that have automatic hydraulic.

RVs Feature: Large L-shaped kitchen counter. Leveling jacks with automatic hydraulic.

5. Jayco Alante 26X

Jayco Alante 26X RV

The RV Jayco Alante 26X is 12’4 “high on the outside and 28’5” long, has two slide-outs and enough sleeping space for five people. There is a large queen bed and a huge bathroom in the bedroom. In the living room, a dinette transforms into a drop-down bed and a sofa bed that can become a row of separate seats. The interior seems especially large since the sofa and dinette are on slide-outs.

Interior of Jayco Alante 26X

As an additional option, the owner can choose over the cab drop-down bed, and Jayco offers several options for modern interior design, all with solid wood cabinets. This Jayco model we are talking about boasts a Ford F53 chassis for RV with a Triton EFI V10 engine of 6.8L. Its hitch weight capacity is 5,000 pounds, and it has a cargo-carrying capacity of 7,000 pounds. It is also equipped with leveling jacks that have automatic hydraulic.

RVs Feature: Slide-out in the living room for extra space. Hardwood cabinet doors.

6. Winnebago Sunstar 29V

RV Winnebago Sunstar 29V

The Winnebago Sunstar 29V model has a height of 12’3″ and a length of 30′. This RV can fully accommodate up to nine people, and its great feature is a large slide out that extends behind the driver’s seat. At the rear of the vehicle is a bedroom with a queen bed and plenty of storage space. In addition, in this small RV vehicle, you can sleep on the above cab loft bed, drop-down dinette, and sleeper sofa. If you don’t need a sleeper sofa, comfortable separate seats can be used instead.

Interior of Winnebago Sunstar 29V

Vinyl floors are all through the interior, and a big bonus is the entertainment center that can be used outside the vehicle, which features an HDTV of 39” with speakers. It has a Ford F53 chassis for RV with a PFI V8 engine of 7.3L. Its hitch weight rating is 5,000 pounds while its cargo-carrying capacity is up to 5,000 pounds. This RV is also equipped with leveling jacks that have automatic hydraulic.

RVs Feature: Full vinyl flooring and large outdoor entertainment center.

7. Jayco Precept 29V

Jayco Precept 29V RV

This Jayco Precept 29V model is very similar to the previously mentioned Winnebago Sunstar 29v model. First of all, the large slide opens up a lot of extra space inside. On the outside, it is 12’7 “high and 32’2” long, and it can sleep up to a maximum of six people.

In the bedroom that is located at the back of the RV, there is a king-size bed, one extra bed is a sofa, and the other a drop-down dinette bed. An additional option is over the cab drop-down bunk. The large bathroom has a blank surface area of a great size not typically found in smaller RVs. Also, this RV comes with an entertainment center and kitchen on the outside.

Interior of Jayco Precept 29V

This Jayco has a Ford F53 chassis for RV with a Triton EFI V10 engine of 6.8L. Its hitch weight rating is 5,000 pounds, and it has a cargo-carrying capacity of up to 5,500 pounds. This model is also equipped with leveling jacks that have automatic hydraulic.

RVs Feature: The outdoor kitchen and large bathroom.

Why You Should Buy a Small Class A RV?

Smaller RV class A vehicles are an excellent choice for several reasons, primarily due to the great comfort of many amenities in a much smaller space than large class A vehicles. One of the reasons they should be considered when buying is their agility and more parking options compared to larger RV models.

However, you should consider the fact that owners of smaller RV class A vehicles may be losing something on spaciousness and luxury, but that is why they save a lot on fuel consumption and a starting price of a new vehicle.

For campers who want another option, here you can take a look at 10 Super Teardrop Campers With Bathrooms.

Are These Small RVs TOO Small For You?

After reading this article, you have concluded that smaller RV class A vehicles still do not suit your travel style or are simply too small for your family. If the answer is Yes, we suggest you consider another option – Newmar New Aire. It is a medium-sized class A vehicle, larger than the models we mentioned in the text and smaller than our Behemoth 43 ‘model.

If you are looking for a bigger model, be sure to check 7 Best Class A Motorhomes With 2 Bedrooms.

Keep in mind that the Newmar New Aire is far more luxurious and comfortable than all the vehicles we mentioned in the text, and its added bonus is that it is a diesel vehicle. Of course, you have to pay a higher price for all these benefits, but we think you should know that the diesel option also exists. If you are interested in a mid-size RV but still a class A, watch the video below and see the comfort and extras that Newmar New Aire provides. 

Final Thoughts

Anyone who is looking for a large RV class A should definitely be informed about smaller vehicles of the same class because they come with a number of benefits in affordable packages. Especially if you plan to go on long trips with the vehicle to the areas of national parks where, believe me, it pays to have an RV less than 35 ‘. I hope that this article has helped you, and if you have any additional questions about RV class A vehicles, feel free to comment below.

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