How Much Does a Truck Camper Cost?

A truck camper (also known as TC), is not a stand-alone vehicle but a type of camper that is designed to fit over the cab of a standard and long-bed pickup truck. Some people referred to it as a cab-over or slide-in camper. It is a camper that has many features and with it you can easily travel anywhere you want.

How Much Does a Truck Camper Cost?

So How Much Does a Truck Camper Cost? Truck campers are not widespread in the market, so they don’t lose value. New truck campers cost anywhere between $5,000 up to $60.00. Used truck campers, depending on the manufacturer, condition, and year of manufacture, can be found at a price range between $2,500 and $30,000.

A truck camper is usually 8 to 22 feet long. These campers are designed to fit most pickup trucks that are produced today and are divided into two groups – campers for long or campers for short truck beds. Their interior can be as simple as the one in the cheaper RV models. If you want more features and comfort, expect a higher price.

When you buy a truck camper, what you get is a bed that is located above the truck as an extension. The truck camper usually has a dinette that transforms into a bed, a dry bath, a smaller kitchen with a propane burner, and a space for storing clothes, usually in the form of a classic wardrobe.

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Example of Most Popular Truck Camper Models

Below we present an overview of 10 truck camper models that we found on popular truck camper websites on Google by using the keyword “truck campers for sale”. We hope that this list will be useful to you and that it will give you an answer to the question: “How much do truck campers cost?”

2019 Lance 975 ($39,000)

This Truck Camper is without a doubt one of the unique models on this list. Its price is a medium option within the general price range, and for that money, you get a dry bath and slide-out interior that gives extra spaciousness. The overall length of this camper model is 19’5 ″, while the floor-length is around 10’4 ″ and has an interior height of 79 ″.

The camper weighs just under 4,000 Ibs. This space can sleep up to four people and contains a luxury queen bed with quality springs. The floor, cab-over, rood, and walls are aluminum framed. The walls inside are made of Azdel, and the camper is completely insulated with block foam.

2019 Forest River Palomino ($12,200)

This truck camper model is priced at just over $12,000. This is the ideal model for those who are planning a purchase on a smaller budget. It is a soft-sided camper with a kitchen worktop with a sink and 2-burner stove, a mattress with springs measuring 76×60, ample seating, storage, and a small fridge. The overall length is 12’9 ″, and the length of the floor is 6 feet. The camper weighs 1,197 Ibs.

2020 Adventurer Eagle Cap ($59,500)

This truck camper is the largest model on our list. It offers the user as much as 100 square meters of living space, which is amazing for truck campers. Its interior, which exudes luxury, is also stunning.

Inside is a California King 72 x84 bed with cabinets and nightstands on either side, a kitchen with a double sink and 3-burner stove, lots of Eagle Cap wardrobe space, and two sofas. The bathroom is classified as a dry bath which means it has a separate shower and toilet.

2020 Host Mammoth ($70,000)

This is a huge truck camper! The overall length is 19’3 ″, the floor-length is 11’6 ″, and its weight with no load is 4,700 Ibs. But what makes it huge are as many as three slide-outs that increase the interior’s spaciousness and provide the user with an area of 180 square meters. As expected, such a large truck camper needs as a ‘host’ a strong truck like the dual wheel 3500 / F-350. With it, you should expect to have a payload capacity of 5,500-pounds.

2019 Northwood Arctic Fox ($30,000)

The Northwood camper truck Artic Fox offers as many as eight different floorplans in several variations, including floor plan 1150. This camper boasts fully welded, has a thank-wall aluminum construction of the frame, one-piece polyurethane fiberglass, foam block insulation for all four seasons. The user can enjoy an arched ceiling, heated holding tanks, a dinette, LED lights, and many other amenities. This model definitely represents good value for money.

2020 Northern Lite (10.2 EX) ($50,000)

This is another truck camper that stands out from the others, but also one that achieves a price higher than the average on the market. Therefore, it provides the user with a lot of options that are not normally found in campers of this category. 

It has an excellent 14 ‘feature basement by enclosed tanks. It weighs with no load 3,265 Ibs and it is 218 inches long. The overall width is 98 inches and the height is 106 inches. You can find a dry bath, 60×80 queen bed, and 39×75-inch dinette. This camper can sleep four people who have 80 inches available in the living room. There is a possibility of paying extra for additional equipment.

2020 Super Lite Truck Camper 590 ($13,000)

Among the cheaper truck campers on this list is this Lite 590 model, which is priced at just over $12,500. Inside there is a bed measuring 48 “79” which is installed above the cab and also ample seating, a refrigerator of 2 cubic feet, a two-burner stove, and a dinette with an outdoor/indoor table. The total outer length of the camper is 10’3 “while the floor length is 5’9”. The height inside the camper is 6’9 “, and as such is suitable for most people. This TC is registered for a half-ton pickup truck.

2019 Northwood Wolf Creek 850 ($34,000)

This model boasts a one-piece shell with Corona-treated fiberglass continuous shelf. The walls are made of multilayered polyurethane laminated substrate and filled with high-density foam for insulation purposes. Inside this model, there is a 58×80 inches bed which is located over the cab. 

In the living room, there is a choice between a rollover sofa and a bed. This camper can receive a total of four people can sleep. There is also a wet bath, and a kitchen with a sink, 3-burner stove, and fridge. This camper contains enough space for storage in the upper compartments. The weight of this model without extra luggage is 2008 Ibs, the height inside is 6 feet and 6 inches, and the length of the interior is 8 feet and 8 inches. The total length of the camper is 16 feet and 2 inches.

2019 Host Cascade Smokey 10.6 ($53,000)

Host Cascade Camper comes with two slide-outs and many additional options that are an unexpected bonus when it comes to truck campers at this price. The Camper has an extremely light construction since it is made of up to 100 percent aluminum, and its exterior is made of fiberglass with interesting graphics. The camper’s walls, floors, and ceiling are insulated with vacuum-bonded foam, while the roof is made of TPO piece.

Without additional load, this model weighs 3498 pounds. Its total width is 96 inches, and its length is 18 feet and 5 inches. Inside, the floor is 129 inches long and 78 inches high. A whole range of additional options is available to the potential buyer, such as a King bed, external speakers, synthetic leather, and an L-shaped dinette that transforms into separate seats.

2020 Palomino HS-1912 ($26,000)

This model is available in two options: soft side and hard side. There is a bed with a 60×85 mattress that comes with springs. In the area around the bed, there is a closet, a drawer, and a nightstand. The spacious living room inside this camper has a wet bath, fridge, kitchen with pantry, 3-burner stove, sink, overhead microwave, and 40×62 inches dinette. 

Also, this model of camper boasts a quick disconnect battery, LED lights, Congoleum flooring, ball-bearing guides for the drawer, hardwood Tenon Walnut cabinets, and aluminum construction. There is also the preparation for a solar power system.

2020 Northwood Arctic: Fox 900 ($37,000)

It is a specially designed pickup truck model that comes with a long bed and is fully equipped with many additional features, including an electric rear awning, roof rack, and ladder, a 30 lbs propane tank, 6-function remote Reico Titan electric jacks, two-way refrigerator of 6 cubic feet and a large microwave oven of 22-inch.

Like all Northwood models, this model also boasts a one-piece shell with a treated continuous fiberglass shelf, walls made of multilayered polyurethane laminated substrate, and a fully welded aluminum frame construction. For insulation purposes, the walls are filled by density foam. It is possible to pay extra for additional functions such as 12 VT 32 inch LED TV windows thermal pane, propane generator 2.5, solar panel of 100 watts, or bunk over the dinette area.

2020 Northstar Laredo SC ($27,500)

Northstar campers are the brand of this model, which is ideal for both families and couples. Inside, it is 8 feet and 6 inches long and fits well for long bed and short bed trucks.

The Northstar Laredo SC has a handful of amenities, such as: 3-way Dometic 3.7 feet refrigerator with auto-ignition and low amperage, a digital thermostat draw furnace, a shower with a shower cassette toilet, and a 3 burner stove and foam insulation. It is pre-wired for AC, solar and electric jacks. Also, this camper has a rubber roof Laredo SC with a ladder, gel memory 6 inches’ high-density foam cover, exit vent over the cab over, and exterior and interior 110 Volt outlets.

The total length of this camper is 15 feet and 11 inches, and without load, it weighs 2090 pounds. The inner height of this camper is 6 feet and 4 inches, while the outer has 8 feet in height, even in the option with an AC system.

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What Is The Cost of Living In a Truck Camper?

If you are planning to buy a truck camper, you need to know that it is not enough just to have a budget and buy it. It is a vehicle that requires regular maintenance, and if you plan to live in it full time, you must expect a number of other costs.

Final Thoughts

Truck campers are very efficient when it comes to fuel consumption, they are easy to store and operate. Those who like camping enjoy the time they spend in nature, and when you go camping with a camper, in addition to the possibility of staying outdoors, you also get all the comforts when you need a vacation.

Buying a truck camper is a good decision if you intend to carry additional equipment such as a golf cart, small boat, ATV, motorcycle, or even an additional smaller caravan. If you plan to carry some of the mentioned accessories with you when camping, be sure to pay special attention to the payload capacity. You need to know the total weight of everything you plan to carry with you on a trip.

When buying a camper, we recommend that you research the offer on the internet to get the impression of a fair price. RV classified sites or Craigslist can also serve you well for this purpose. If you prepare well, you will not miss a good offer.

However, when you are considering buying a used truck camper, be sure to ask if there is anything repaired on it, if there are things that need to be repaired, if there are any problems with leaks and if the owner who sells the vehicle has upgraded something in it. It is not bad to have an RV expert with you when inspecting the vehicle. If you buy a used vehicle from a dealer, you can be sure to some extent that the vehicle is technically in good condition.

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