How to Store Your Camping Gear at Home

Thinking about where to store all of your camping gear after you return from a camping trip may give you nightmares, but this does not have to be the case. If you choose the right place where to store it in your home and if you have a good storage system, you will never have to worry again about a storage place for your camping gear, and it will not make your day worse.

It may not be the most interesting thing in the world, but finding a place for your camping gear and storing it properly is a very important part of camping. Here are some tips on how you can be better at storing your camping equipment.

Clean Everything

Make sure to clean your camping gear

The first thing that you need to do is to clean your camping equipment. It is important that everything is clean and ready for your next trip because nobody likes to find dirty camping equipment and then clean it before the trip.

Before cleaning, you should check the manufacturer’s labels which will guide you and show you how the specific part of the equipment should be cleaned. Always make sure to follow these instructions because you could ruin your equipment otherwise.

Sleeping bags and tents are quite easy to wash, and you can do it by hand or even put sleeping bags in the washing machine because most of them can be washed that way. Also, make sure that they are completely dried after washing, as this can take a little bit more of your time.

It is important that they are dry before storing them. If you think that your tent is clean, you can just vacuum it before storing it.

Clean your cooking equipment next. If you leave it dirty for a longer time, it will probably be harder to clean it. We advise you to clean them while you are still on your camping trip because then you can just quickly rinse them at home and store them without problems.

Make Sure Your Camping Equipment is Dry

Make sure that the camping equipment is dry

It is very important that every part of your camping equipment is completely dried before you store it. If it is not dry enough, when you take it out again, it will have a damp smell that is not pleasant at all.

It is also a great place for mold and mildew to grow, and they can also ruin your equipment, especially tents and sleeping bags, by causing them to rot.

That is why you should put your wet equipment in a dry place and allow them to fully dry before deciding to store them.

When they are completely dry, you can easily put them in your storage place without any worries. You should also be careful when drying your sleeping bags because direct sunlight may damage their material.

Choosing the Right Place To Store Your Camping Gear

Choose the right place in your home to store camping gear

It can be much easier if you choose a place to store your camping equipment before going on a camping trip. In the US, it is common to store it in extra spaces like garages, closets, or basements. If you do not have that extra space in those places, you will need to find an area that has the most space in your home and choose a storage system. Make sure that it does not overwhelm the space that you choose.

For example, you may have an exterior storage closet for storing your camping gear. Even if it does not have much space, you may use that space smartly by using storage systems that are appropriate.

Some of the gear may fit better in the basement/garage and some in the closet, but it is recommended to keep it together to prevent losing it or forgetting about it and buying new things. It is your choice, and you should think about what is the best way for you.

Choose a Camping Gear Storage System

A storage system is a method you use to store something, in this case, your camping gear (or anything else for that matter). When storing something, you can use one or multiple storage systems to store it in the best way possible.

Choosing your storage system and actually using it will make you more organized, and you will be able to organize your space better.


Bins for storing camping gear

Bins are often used for storing things like camping gear. The most popular ones are clear bins because they are see-through, so you do not have to open them to check and remind yourself what you store inside.

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It is a good idea to make a list of things that you stored inside and make a label for each bin. This way, you will be even more sure about what’s in your bin, but you need to be consistent with returning these items to their bins. You can store these bins on shelves or stack them on their own.

If you plan the contents of every bin and sort them accordingly, they will be perfectly packed and you will not need to worry about losing something or forgetting about it. You can have bins with only car camping gear while others are for camping clothes, etc.


Drawers for camping gear

Plastic drawers are ideal for storing your things, especially if you go camping by car. You can pack many things inside of them, and they are easy to stack, so you will not need to worry about space. These drawers can be practical and save space in your home.

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Drawers can also be practical if you have items that you use both for your home and camping. You can easily move them, and you will be sure that they will always be in one place and that you will not lose them. It is not recommended to use camping equipment for your home, but it is ideal if you do not like to own duplicates.


Pegboards for storing camping gear

You can hang pegboards in basements, garages, or storage closets, but they are not visually appealing. That is why you should not put them in your personal closets or living space if you care about the looks of your home.

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They are very functional, and you can hang them on almost every item like on an ax, hammer, or even on a sleeping bag. They can be perfect for people who do not have much space left but want to use them as much as possible.


Use shelves to store your camping gear

Shelves are one of the most common storage systems and if they are combined with bins, they can save you space and provide even more storage space.

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Remember to use a storage system that you think will work the best for you and that you like the most. Some people may combine shelves and bins but you do not have to be one of these people if you do not see it work.

Hanging Racks

Hanging racks for storing camping gear

There are two different meanings when we talk about hanging racks. One is that they are places where you hang clothes. You can hang your camping clothing with portable, rolling hanging racks that you can easily place wherever you want (basement, garage, storage unit, etc.).

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Another is that they are ceiling bins/canopies that are used to hold items. They can solve your storage problems if you do not have much space and provide you with extra space, even on the ceiling.

How To Store Specific Camping Gear?

Camping Chairs

Store your Camping Chair

Camping chairs are one of the easiest parts of camping equipment when it comes to storing them. They fold up, and you should be able to store them in any space you choose. If you store them in the garage, make sure to put something over them because otherwise, they will collect dust. You can also hang them from pegboards. Some people even make their rounded wall rack with PVC pipes, so that they can store their camping chairs there.


Store your camping tent

Once again, we should mention that tents need to be completely dried before storing. Make sure that you do not store them in tight spaces because it will harm your tent fabric by putting unnecessary stress on it. One way to store it is to roll it and place it in a large pillowcase. Do not pack it tightly, fold it or store it in hot/humid places.

Camping Bags

Store your camping bag

If you have more bags, it is best to store them together by storing them within one another. You can store them in a large duffel bag and put that bag wherever you want. It may be best to store them in a closet together with clothes to avoid damaging them if they are, for example stored in a garage. If you like to have all of your camping gear together, you should store it somewhere safe there.

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If you like to camp with your backpack, it may be practical to leave your bags packed. This way you can just take it and go, without wasting time packing it.

Camping Clothes

Store your camping clothes

Some people like to keep their camping clothes together with their other clothes but that can be practical if you wear those clothes when you are not camping too. If you do not do that, putting them in a compression bag is more practical.

Make sure that they are clean and dry, and then put them inside a compression bag and store them. This way you will have them together and can just take them with you without worrying that you forget something at home.

Camping Kitchen

Store your camping kitchen

Sometimes it seems that the camping kitchen is impossible to store but that may not be the case. It can be tiring to bring back the items into the kitchen and then pack them up again for your next camping trip. It is also not hygienic to keep it in the basement or the garage because it can collect dust and dirt.

The best way to store kitchen items is inside a chuck box if you have it. You just have to clean and dry the items and place them inside this box.

After that, make sure to store the box wherever you want. This box can be a lifesaver for campers who are not camping with backpacks.

If you do not have one, storing may be less easy but not impossible. You can use plastic bins instead of a chuck box. For sure, it is not best to just bring everything back into the kitchen. If you store your camping kitchen items somewhere together, you will save a lot of time and make your next trip much easier.

Sleeping Bags

Store your sleeping bag

The most logical way to store a sleeping bag is to put it inside a bag that you got when you bought it. Some people hate to put it in that bag because it is usually tiny and it can be hard to fit the sleeping bag inside if you failed to roll it up properly. Instead, you can hang them on a pegboard or in your closet.

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You can also store it like a tent – in a pillowcase. This may be practical for people who do not like to see it inside their closets.

Camping Tarps

Store your camping traps

Tarps can be very practical for storing because you can throw them over the rest of your camping gear and keep it from getting dusty and dirty that way. The other way to store them is to fold them and then place them in bins or on shelves.

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Even though they may be practical when covering the rest of the equipment, some people do not like the looks of it and do not feel comfortable when it is stored that way.

For those who want to learn more, be sure to watch this youtube video about storing and organizing camping gear.

If you like to go camping, be sure to read 11 Best RV Outdoor Rugs For Camping.

Final Thoughts

When choosing an ideal storage system, it is best to search for something you want to have and choose the one you think works the best for you. That’s because everybody likes to store their things in a different way.

Sometimes, you can sell items or buy less of them if you think you will not be able to store them properly, but on the other hand, you can always buy a small storage unit if you want to keep all of your camping gear. This way you will be able to store it properly and to have it all together. I hope that this article has helped you and if you have any other storage questions feel free to comment below.

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