The Best Portable Fire Pits for Camping (Full Review)

A camping trip isn’t complete without a campfire. However, not all campsites, particularly ones that aren’t on the usually established roads, are equipped with fire pits. We are assuming you know this since you are looking for a portable option while reading this article.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of models of fire pits that are available and that can do the job, but before making a purchase, make sure to investigate these two factors:

  • Size:  Fire pits are available in a variety of sizes. The size should depend on the number of people you are planning to keep warm. A smaller one should suffice for a smaller party while a larger one is necessary for larger forest gatherings.
  • Cooking: You should know upfront if you are planning to cook on this fire or if you are just going to use it for ambient and warmth. If you are going to cook,some factors should be checked to see if the fire pit can handle it.   

Top Camping Fire Pit Picks:

Model of Fire PitsFuel TypeWeight
1. Fireside Outdoor Pop-up PitWood8 lbs / 3.6 kg
2. SuchDecoWood2.1 lbs / 0.9 kg
3. Wolf and Grizzly Fire SafeWood2 lbs / 0.9 kg
4. Solo Stove BonfireWood20 lbs / 9 kg
5. BioLiteWood / Charcoal20 lbs / 9 kg
6. AmazonBasicWood / Propane12 lbs / 5.4 kg
7. Camp Chef SequoiaPropane24 lbs / 10.8 kg

1. Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit

  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Weight: 8lbs (3.6kg)

The Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit began as their Kickstarter project and has now grown to become one of the most popular fire pits outhere. This light, transportable, and robust fire pit, is now carried by not just REI but other major camping gear retail stores as well.

To begin with, it has a simplistic yet effective design that fits into a convenient carry bag. Another great thing is the preparation that only lasts 60 seconds. Additionally, it only lasts 90 seconds for it to cool down so you can pack it and put it back in the case.

If you choose to cook on it, this fire pit supports 125 pounds of weight, which is more than plenty. The heat shield on the Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit had some inconsistencies in quality in the past, however, the manufacturer has upgraded the product and is sending new shields to people who have had this problem. This shows that the manufacturer is responsible for their customers and also has improved this product.


  • Lightweight: The fire pit weighs only 8 lbs., which is extremely lightweight for an item like this.
  • Large: This is a perfect size for a group or a family gathering in the forest.
  • Rust-proof: It does not rust when in touch with liquid or anything else for that matter. That will leave the product in great condition and ready to use for a long time.


  • Heat shield quality: The quality of heat shield stitching is not consistent.

2. SuchDeco Fire Pit

  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Weight: 2.1lbs (0.9kg)

The SuchDeco Portable Fire Pit is a terrific low-cost solution for any camper that needs an ultra-portable fire pit. It provides magnificent bonfires for a smaller group of people. We say smaller because it has only an 11-pound capacity, meaning it can take a couple of pieces of dry wood. It is extremely safe because it is made of stainless steel and heat-resistant mesh. Its design is also very interesting. This portable fire pit resembles a camping chair.

There are a few technicalities you should watch out for. It’s important not to put too much weight pressure on the mesh table, as this might damage it. Air circulation won’t be an issue because the fire pit is wide open.

However, pay extra attention to windy nights since ashes tend to fly over the edge, which can lead to a fire. Try to wet the surrounding. That way, you will kill out any flame left in the embers and prevent the flame from spreading.


  • Ultra-portable: Great portability. Useful for people such as backpackers or motorcycle campers.
  • Lightweight: Weighs 2.1lbs, which makes it the lightest portable fire pit on the market.
  • Budget-friendly: Because it is priced affordably this can also be a present for any of your camping friends.


  • Durability: Ash can fall through the mesh setting which then leaves holes in it. That effects the durability.

3. Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe

  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Weight: 2lbs (0.9kg)

The Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe is a quality-made fire pit that’s as portable and handy. You can place it anywhere: on the beach, a picnic table, or any uneven campground. This model of fire pit is made of strong stainless steel that is designed in two sections.

Because of its simple design, it is easy to pack and unpack. Even the base folds into a scoop for quick ash removal after a fire, which later needs to be removed.

However, this fire pit’s true brilliance is how it’s designed for optimal airflow, which is essential for campfires. The windshield on this fire pit also keeps embers and ash from blowing out of the fire pit. As one camper put it, the Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe is “awesome.”


  • Ultra-portable: It’s made of two pieces that are easy to connect.
  • Wind shield: The frame is smartly designed for maximum air circulation without compromising safety.
  • Company guarantee: It comes with a warranty to fix or replace anything during the first year of ownership.


  • A little expensive: This model is expensive for the size of the pit.

4. Solo Stove Bonfire

  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Weight: 20lbs (9kg)

The Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit is a superbly designed fire pit that lets users burn powerful, long-lasting fire while substantially cutting down the smoke. Even though it’s made from stainless steel, it only weighs 20 pounds, making it portable. It was created for the more luxurious camper type, making backyard campfires and fires in-vehicle campsites.

The precise bottom plate is indeed the key to this campfire pit’s success because it allows plenty of oxygen to keep the fire alive. The vent holes at the top of the pit aid in full ignition, and that way reduce smoke.

Because of that, you don’t have to move around and can consequently avoid smelling like a campfire. The only part that is not the best about this model is the price. The Solo fire pit’s price is around three times the cost of a usual fire pit.


  • Less smoke, More Flame: This model is well-engineered when it comes to reducing smoke without taking it away from the flame strength.
  • Innovative ash pan: Ash drops down from the fire into a pan. The pan is placed so it collects the ash particles but doesn’t stop airflow and disturb the fire development.  


  • Expensive: The price is way above average. You should take a moment to think about the product before purchasing it.

5. BioLite Fire Pit

  • Fuel Type: Wood or charcoal
  • Weight: 20lbs (9kg)

The BioLite Fire Pit is a high-tech fire pit that’s the right size for small campfires or for making barbeque-style meals. It’s a one-of-a-kind product that gets its success because of its innovative capabilities. For starters, it can hold four classic firewood logs.

After lighting it, it relies on its patented airflow technology that uses a 10,400mAh battery. That keeps the fire running for around 24 hours after you turn it on. That power pack allows you to directly manage the fire’s temperature on the fire pit button or via Bluetooth using the BioLite Energy App. Its only downside is that it needs regular maintenance to avoid rust from appearing.


  • Tech-savvy product: It has a rechargeable power bank that helps keep the fire burning for a long time and evenly.
  • Great for barbequing:  It comes with a grill grate that can be used when you use charcoal instead of wood to make hibachi-styled meats and vegetables.  
  • See-through model: You can see the embers burn because of the see-through mesh box.


  • Rust. It can rust up after about 6 months if not cleaned regularly.

6. AmazonBasics Fire Pit

  • Fuel Type: Wood or propane
  • Weight: 12lbs (5.4kg)

With the AmazonBasic Portable Fire Pit you’ll get an amazing outdoor experience. This is an excellent illustration of a classic fire pit, that comes with a circular form and mesh grate cover and it represents everything how a fire pit should look like. Because it weighs only 12 pounds, it’s perfect for carrying places like the beach or classic camping trip.

The grate cover on this pit is an important safety element that allows you to light up a fire even if the campsite or your location has strict fire regulations. This model isn’t perfect. That’s because a specialized outdoor gear brand doesn’t make it but AmazonBasics. However, it is super affordable and, therefore perfect for beginner campers.


  • Easy assembly: Setup doesn’t require any tools, and it takes a short time to assemble.
  • Good size: 26 inches in size is a decent portable fire pit. Not to big but also not to small.


  • Loose screws: Screws tend to get loose on this model over time.

7. Camp Chef Sequoia

  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Weight: 24lbs (10.8kg)

There are many portable fire pits on this list, but Sequoia Fire Pit is the only one that runs on propane. This fire pit is built for campers who want convenience and are willing to spend some additional money on propane.

It has a robust foundation, a high-pressure burner, basalt stones, and two sticks to prepare campfire meals such as marshmallows or hotdogs. It is suitable for RV campers that are staying in camps that have fire restrictions.

If you want to learn more, be sure to read How Long Does Propane Last in an RV?

The drawback is that you must buy propane for each camping trip. Having enough propane is essential because you wouldn’t want to use up all of it in the midst of the trip. However, the simplicity and quality of the Sequoia Fire Pit make it worth the money.


  • Fast building pace: Although propane is more expensive, it allows you to build a fire much faster. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for wood.
  • Attractive design: The design is innovative. It has evergreen trees cut on its side which is a great touch.
  • No smoke: Because of the lack of wood, it produces no smoke.


  • Propane cost: The expense of propane. To ensure enough fuel, you will need to pack up a new can for every new trip.

How To Safely Put Out a Campfire

While campfires can provide warmth and relaxation, flames can also be dangerous if you don’t know how to use them properly. In order to put out a campfire safely, follow these steps:

  1. Wait for the flames to calm down before extinguishing the fire. This reduces the risk of flare-ups because the coals cool down gradually.
  2. Evenly spread the coal around the fire pit’s surface. This will allow them to cool more quickly.
  3. Pour a large amount of water on the coals, keep in mind to completely wet them to prevent potential flare-ups.
  4. Using a stick or shovel, mix the ashes and cinders until they’re all soaked.
  5. Continue steps 3-4 until the fire is put out. Allow enough time for the coals to settle before leaving.
  6. Check the campfire for remaining embers and put them out. Make sure all embers are completely extinguished.

If this is done properly, campfire extinguishing is simple. Harmful flare-ups can be avoided by following these six steps. This will guarantee that your campground can be left without any concern of hazard.

Final Thoughts

Pits are an essential part of camping because they give a place to cook meals such as hotdogs and marshmallows. They are also a location for people to mingle or sleep. Because of their small size, portable pits don’t take up much room, so you won’t have trouble thinking about how to fit them when planning the camping trip.

The disassembly process is quite simple as the assembly process. I hope that this article has helped you and for any fire pit questions, feel free to ask us.

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