How Warm Is 600 Fill Down? Explained

Dealing with chilly winter weather can be tough, especially if you’re not equipped with the appropriate clothing. When the temperature dips below zero, you need the right clothes to keep you warm. This is where the topic of down fill becomes important.

You’ve likely heard the term ‘down fill’ as it’s commonly associated with various kinds of winter outdoor equipment. However, there are those who do not fully understand it, given the measurements and ratios involved.

It tends to cause some people a bit of a head-scratch moment, but in this article, we’ll explain everything in simple terms. So, let’s start!

How Warm Is 600 Fill Down? 600 fill down provides a substantial level of warmth, making it suitable for moderate to cold climates in a temperature range between 20°F and 40°F (-6°C to 4°C). It can be used in various outdoor activities due to its good insulation properties and ability to trap heat effectively. However, higher fill powers may be needed for extremely cold temperatures.

Most individuals find that a 600 fill power down jacket meets their needs well. It gives you the right balance between cost and performance, offering a lightweight and warm jacket without breaking the bank. In the following sections, we’ll explain why having a 600-fill-down jacket is a great choice for a winter trip.

Is 600 Fill Power Down Warm Enough For Cold Weather?

600 Fill Power Down Warm Enough For Cold Winter

Fill power is a very important factor in the warmth and performance of a jacket or sleeping bag. The fill power represents the capacity of one ounce of down to hold air and insulate. Although 600 fill down can provide substantial warmth and insulation, it might not be ideal for extremely cold weather.

So, can you use 600 fill power during cold weather? In particularly cold climates, such as those with sub-zero or Arctic temperatures that are from -12 to -6° C (0 to 20° F), require fill powers of more than 600. Using a fill power of 800 or 900 is recommended for extreme cold weather.

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For most outdoor enthusiasts, a 600 fill power sleeping bag or jacket will be a good choice. 600 fill power down is used in the temperature range between 20°F and 40°F (-6°C to 4°C). Also, it is necessary to take the price into account. When you go to more than 600 fill downs, the price increases drastically, so keep that in mind.

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Chances are, you won’t find it necessary to get a jacket with over 700 fill power. If weight and performance aren’t significant concerns for you, it’s wiser not to take a more expensive jacket. Also, if weight isn’t a factor, you should consider getting a fluffy synthetic jacket.

Here is a table with a full review of fill power:

Fill PowerWarmth:Weight:Price:Best for:
600 FPModerateMediumAffordableFall/Spring camping, General outdoor use
700 FPHighLower than 600More priceyWinter camping, Colder outdoor conditions
800 FPVery HighLower than 700ExpensiveExtreme cold weather, Mountaineering
900 FPExtremely HighLightestMost expensiveArctic conditions, High-altitude mountaineering
Table: Fill down ratio and their application

What Temperature Range is Suitable For 600 Fill Down?

  1. A 600 fill down generally works well in temperatures that fall between about 20°F and 40°F (-6°C to 4°C).
  2. This balance offers an optimal blend of warmth and lightness, making it perfect for temperatures from chilly to moderately cold.
  3. However, it’s crucial to remember that personal comfort levels and factors such as the intensity of activity, layering techniques, and the impact of wind chill can influence this comfort range.
  4. You can enhance the use of 600 fill down in colder temperatures by layering extra insulation.
  5. If you’re dealing with extreme cold or expect to be in freezing temperatures for longer, you might want to consider a higher fill power down (800 or 900) or other insulation specifically designed for winter weather.

Understanding Fill Weight and Fill Power

Fill Weight Vs. Fill Power

When we are talking about fill down, you need to know two important things. First is fill power, and the second is fill weight. See below how these two terms are related with fill down and what they mean:

  • Fill Weight: This refers to the amount of down used in the jacket. For example, having two jackets that have the same fill power does not mean they will offer the same degree of warmth. Therefore, adding additional fill weight can compensate for lower fill power.
  • Fill Power: This measures the quality of the down. The higher the fill power, the more warmth it provides at a lower weight. Usually, most quality jackets have a fill power rating of 600 or more (ranging from 300 to 800).

Fill power indicates the quality of the down.  For instance, 600 Fill Power down would use around 600 cubic inches per ounce of down. Consequently, higher fill power down is better when it comes to insulating more space without adding to the weight. Understandably, higher quality down comes with a higher price tag!

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The average individual doesn’t need to use 800-fill power down. This is for those looking to trim down their weight fractionally to enhance performance, such as mountaineers or winter sports enthusiasts.

Still confused? Don’t worry; here is an excellent youtube video that explains that:

More Fill Weight More Warmth

A higher fill weight will provide you with more warmth. Therefore, it is not necessary to watch only fill power down. The increased insulation will replace the difference and provide you with more warmth at the price of a little more weight.

For example, to get a 700 fill power Jacket to act like an 800 fill power jacket, you only require a few more ounces of down. This extra weight is proportional to the weight of ordinary keys that you would put in your pocket.

However, most products do not provide the actual data of fill weight of down. You’ll have to see reviews online to inform yourself about the jacket’s weight. Any renowned brand jacket, such as Marmot or Columbia, should suffice for the average person.

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Is 700 Fill Down Warmer Than 600?

700 Fill Down is warmer than 600 Fill Down

700 fill down should be warmer than 600 fill down. However, a 700 fill down will only be warmer than a 600 fill down if it is filled with more ounces of down.

If a piece contains less than 700 fill down and more than 600 fill down, the 600 fill down will provide you with much more warmth. When it comes to down fill, warmth is somewhat relative.

Thus, it’s important to consider the ratio of warmth to weight. For example, if you use a 700 fill jacket, ensure there’s enough fill in your jacket to provide ample warmth. If the volume of down fill is considered low, you might find a jacket with an 800 or even 900 fill power more optimal.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

Is 600 down jacket warm?

A 600-fill-down jacket provides substantial warmth, is comfortably light to wear, and stands up well to wear and tear. It’s a great choice for everyday wear and routine outdoor activities.

What does 600 down fill mean?

The fill power listed on your jacket results from a standardized laboratory test. It measures the cubic inch volume that one ounce of down occupies when a standard weight is placed on it. For instance, in the case of Epiq Down Jackets, which have a 600-fill power, one ounce of the down used in these jackets occupies a space of 600 cubic inches.

Final Thoughts

The 600 fill-down effectively balances warmth, weight, and cost, making it a favorite spot among outdoor enthusiasts. It provides excellent insulation against cold temperatures, making it the go-to choice for camping during the winter (but not too cold winter). For colder scenarios, a higher fill power could be more fitting, such as 700, 800, or even 900.

600 fill down is a mid-range option when pitted against other fill powers. It offers decent insulation and carries a bit more weight. Higher fill powers, such as 800 or 900, can deliver more insulation and warmth during colder times.

It’s crucial to consider at which temperatures you will be when deciding on suitable fill power. I hope that this article has helped you, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to comment below.