6 Common Mr. Heater Pilot Light Problems

Spending a few days or weeks in nature, far from everything, is the ideal vacation for many. Because of this, RVs are not losing their popularity, on the contrary, they are gaining more and more new users. And while most people tend to camp during summer, there are those who love winter trips.

But, for such an undertaking, they must be sure that their RVs have some kind of portable heating device. The company Mr. Heater produces one of the best portable heaters on the market. However, these heaters, like all devices, can cause issues after some time. Therefore, in this article, we’ll talk about that. So, let’s start!

Why Mr. Heater Won’t Stay Lit? The most common issue with Mr. Heater is that they won’t stay lit for many reasons. The most common reasons for this issue can be a dirty thermocouple or pilot, a broken gas valve or flame sensor, incorrect draft positioning, an error in the spark mechanism, and a stuffed pilot orifice.

Going camping during winter months with your RV can sometimes be tricky, especially if you are not connected to the grid to have electricity. This is exactly where portable propane heaters like Mr. Heater come in handy.

Of course, no device can work forever without some difficulties. It is the same in the case of Mr. Heater Pilot Light. Although this model is of high quality and praised by users, it can have issues during operation. In the next chapter, we will cover all common problems that can occur with this device.

Note! Before going through the list of potential causes, check if your Mr. Heater Pilot Light has enough fuel to run! Sometimes the simplest solution is the right one.

Common Mr. Heater Pilot Light Problems

Owning a Mr. Heater Pilot Light brings a lot of benefits, especially if you love to go on camping with your RV. Mr. Heater runs on natural gas, kerosene, or propane as a fuel source. With its help, you will warm up very easily and quickly. However, malfunctions can also occur with this device. Here are the most common issues that can occur and how to solve them effectively.

1. Problem With A Dirty Pilot Tube

When dirt accumulates in the pilot tube, you can feel that your heater is no longer working as it should. This is a frequent occurrence with Mr. Heater’s Pilot Light, considering its narrow pilot tube.

You can check if the dirt in the pilot tube is causing problems in the operation of your device by inspecting the pilot flame through the small window next to the control knob.

Just check the flame color. If you notice a blue flame, then the pilot tube is fine, but if it is yellow or orange, it is time to clean the pilot tube. Don’t worry, cleaning the pilot tube is not difficult. First, disconnect the device from the fuel supply. This step is very important for safety reasons. Then choose a tool that you will use.

This can ideally be an air compressor with which you can easily remove dirt with higher air pressure, or a sharp pin, with which you will carefully scrape away the dirt.

Note! Always clean from the upper side of the device, and be careful not to damage it.

If during cleaning, you conclude that deposits are too thick, that they are too deep in the device, or that it is impossible to remove them, you should buy a new part. You can easily do the replacement yourself. However, if you have no experience with such jobs and are worried about whether you will do it well, call a professional.

2. Faulty Sensor

If your Mr. Heater Pilot Light turns off unexpectedly, there is a high possibility that there is a problem with the device sensor. The purpose of these sensors is to protect you in situations where a malfunction occurs. For example, the device automatically switches off when the flame is too big. In this way, unwanted fires can be avoided.

Although the sensors are great, they can be a big hassle when they start causing problems. When this happens, there is usually a need to clean the sensor. When the sensor is dirty, it often cannot detect the flame, so it automatically turns off the device.

You can clean the sensor effectively with the help of sandpaper. When the sensor is so dirty that it interferes with the operation of the device, then there are hard deposits of soot or carbon on it that need to be scrubbed well. After the sensor is cleaned, restart the device. If it continues to go out, there is a high possibility that you will have to buy a new one.

3. Thermocouple Is Clogged

Problems in the work of Mr. Heater Pilot Light can also appear if too thick deposits of carbon have formed on the thermocouple. You can effectively clean the thermocouple with sandpaper. When the thermocouple is clean again, start the device.

4. Thermocouple Is Worn Out

By constant use of Mr. Heater, the thermocouple is known to move out of place, indicating that the heater has difficulties in operation. If you have cleaned the thermocouple well, and the device still does not work, check whether it is standing properly in its position. When the thermocouple is not in place, it cannot monitor what is happening with the flame and automatically shuts down.

If this is the case, be sure to return the thermocouple to its default location. Disconnect the device from the fuel supply and wait for it to cool down. Then take the thermocouple in your hand and put it back in place as close as possible to the flame.

When you’re done, reactivate the device. If the heater still shows the same difficulties in operation, the thermocouple will have to be replaced. Buy a new part and replace it using the procedure we just described for returning the thermocouple to its location.

5. Gas Flow Restrictor Is Clogged

Mr. Heater Pilot Light can have a clogged gas flow restrictor. It is a valve located next to the pilot light on the outside and is responsible for gas dosing during the operation of the device. You will solve the problem if you remove the blockage, that is when you clean the valves.

First, disconnect the device from the fuel supply. Then clean the valves with an air compressor or a sharp pin with which you will carefully scrape off the dirt. If the blockage of this valve caused difficulty in the heater’s operation, the device should work well after cleaning.

6. Auto-shutoff of the Device

If the heater gives you a clear sign that the device has turned off according to the auto-shutoff protocol that is an integral part of it, then you can be sure that there is a problem with either the thermocouple or the pilot.

In most cases, it is about accumulated dirt that needs to be removed, as we mentioned earlier. Also, the cause of the auto-shutoff protocol activating is that the sensor is too far from the flame.

How Do I Reset My Mr. Heater?

When your Mr. Heater overheats, or there are problems related to the circuit breaker, the device should be reset. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Disconnect the device from the fuel supply
  2. Reduce the temperature on the thermostat to the lowest level
  3. Do not turn off the pilot gas line of the supply
  4. Turn on the pilot light with the help of a match
  5. Activate the gas supply and circuit breaker
  6. Press the reset key and hold it for 30 seconds
  7. Increase the temperature on the thermostat

When it comes to heaters that use electricity to run, simply disconnect the device from the power supply and press the reset key. The reset system will turn off and turn on the device again. If the device does not turn on again by itself, you do it by using the ON/OF button.

For your Mr. Heater to work as long as possible, it needs to be regularly maintained. Here is how you can do this:

How To Configure And Use Mr. Meater?

After purchasing Mr. Heater, inspect it carefully to ensure it is not damaged. Then pick up the manual and study how you should use this device. After you have studied how to use it, turn it on, turn it off, and more, that’s it. Also, some models of heaters can be successfully installed on the wall, and you can do it yourself. Instructions on how to do this can also be found in the manual with the device.

If you are planning some trip during winter, be sure to read: 7 Safe Tent Heating Ideas That Work.

FAQ: People Also Ask

Why does the pilot light keep going out on my Mr. Heater?

The problem is usually related to a thermocouple located far from the flame. This issue is easy to fix. Bring the thermocouple closer to the flame, and the device should work normally. If this does not happen, inspect this component. There is a possibility that it is worn out. If this is the case, buying and replacing it with a new one is necessary.

How do you know if you have a bad thermocouple?

You will recognize a bad thermocouple by pressing the gas supply button and waiting for 30 seconds. If a flame appears, you need to change the thermocouple.

Why won’t my pilot light won’t stay lit?

A dirty thermocouple is the most common reason why the pilot light will not stay on. When too much dust or dirt accumulates on the thermocouple, the device’s sensor that monitors the flame’s operation cannot work. The thermocouple should be cleaned, and the device should work without difficulty. It is also good to clean the sensor of the device.

Final Words

Using a portable heater is the best option when you want to enjoy camping in the wild during the cold months. Portable heaters can effectively heat any RV and run on natural gas, kerosene, or propane. Also, this type of heater will serve you for a long time if they are regularly cleaned and maintained. However, you can expect difficulties to arise at some point. But don’t worry, you can fix these issues easily if you follow the steps from this article.

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