Are Timberland Boots Good for Hiking?

I believe we all know what Timberland yellow boots are. What we also know is that they are one of the most popular boots out there. Because of their popularity, we can often see people wearing them in their daily lives, more so than hiking.

If you have a pair of Timberland boots in your closet and you are thinking of going on a hiking trip with them, be sure to read this article to see if this is a good idea. So, let’s start!

Are Timberland Boots Good for Hiking?

So, are Timberland boots good for hiking? Typically, Timberland boots should be avoided when it comes to serious hiking. They are not comfortable and don’t have the traction and support that normal hiking boots have. However some Timberland models can be used for hiking, but we recommend that you opt for hiking boot brands.

However, if you still want to wear Timberland boots on your next hiking trip, or you are on the other hand open to other alternative solutions, keep reading this text.

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Are Timberlands Waterproof?

Timberlands Waterproof

Yes, almost all Timberland boots are waterproof. This is because they use Nubuck leather in the production process. It gives the boot’s footwear water resistance and a velvet-like texture. For more demanding use, some Timberland boots are made of full-grain leather, ensuring water resistance.

However, over time, water can leave stains on Timberland boots. To avoid this, be sure to apply a double layer of waterproof coating immediately after purchase.

You do not have to perform this procedure if you buy black boots, but it is definitely recommended to buy boots in any other lighter shade.

The Disadvantages of Timberland Boots for Hiking

Cons of using timberland boots for hiking
  • Fashion Boots – The biggest problem with Timberland boots is that they are more made to look good than to be functional. Because they serve as a fashion accessory for many, those who want to wear them for hiking doubt their abilities. These boots will serve well for hiking, but only on short and not demanding trails. 
  • Leather creases can cause blisters – After these boots come in contact with mud and water, wrinkles form on them. Sharp wrinkles of the skin when walking press on the foot and cause blisters. 
  • Waterlogged problems – After the boots are exposed to water, the skin absorbs and retains water, making them harder to walk in.
  • Their Weight – Unlike Timberland boots, today’s hiking shoes are designed to be light and at the same time more durable. Modern hiking boots look more like sneakers than classic leather boots, and the manufacturers are primarily focused on making them as good as possible.
  • Outdated materials – Hiking boots that are used in walking today are made of high-quality materials such as Vibram which make them more comfortable for the user.

When we talk about Timberland boots, it is important to mention that they have the same design and functionality as ten years ago when they appeared on the market.

They are popular primarily because of their nostalgic design and memories of the innovation that was presented when they first appeared on store shelves. Those who love hiking know that the shoes that should be preferred must be light.

Timberland has been trying to offer its new generation of hiking shoes to consumers with innovations and redesign lately, but they are not succeeding. There are already a number of hiking shoes on the market that are far better than anything they have offered so far.

Timberland boots are not functional enough for more demanding tasks than a causal walk. They just do not meet today’s standards for hiking shoes.

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The Advantages of Timberland Boots for Hiking

The pros of timberland boots for hiking

Despite all of the above, it should be noted that Timberland boots are not generally bad. Many of their models can be used for hiking, but only occasionally, on easier trips. Here are the pros of timberland boots.

  • Used on short hikes – Timberland boots are a good choice for short, one-day hiking trips through nature and the urban area during hiking. When used for one-day hikes, the main problem is that they will disintegrate over time. The seams will start to sag after prolonged use. This is why hiking professionals don’t even consider them when going on harder trails, even though they are durable enough footwear under normal conditions.
  • Casual wear Timberland boots are a good and reliable choice when you can take only one pair of shoes with you on a trip, as they are suitable for a whole range of everyday activities that are not overly demanding. But these boots are not a good choice if you plan to hike for a long time. They can be easily damaged and become worn out, which no user wants.
  • Price of bootsTimberland boots are not a bad solution if you have a limited budget. These boots were quite expensive for a long time, but today you can get them for less than $100. If you are looking for an even lower price, you can find them on sale for less money. But if you consider only the best model from the classic Timberland edition, we recommend that you opt for another brand.

Types of Timberland Boot Models

If you are serious about hiking and you only consider buying Timberland shoes, below we bring you an overview of several models that you can buy.

1. Original Yellow Boot Style 1006

The Timberland 1978’s Style 1006 Yellow Boots are good for one-day hiking routes. They look great and leave a first-class impression on the outside. In addition, they are comfortable and can serve you well during more demanding routes while you are hiking. They are easily adapted to the user’s foot and are comfortable when taken out of the box. Also, they can be used for hiking in urban areas.

2. White Ledge Ankle Boot

Men’s White Ledge Ankle Boot by Timberland is known as one of the most comfortable models. Even in unstable weather conditions during long distances, it will keep your feet dry. Their biggest drawback is poor endurance. Once you notice the first creases on your shoe, you need to know that their lifespan is coming to an end. This effect will occur more quickly in extreme weather conditions.

3. Chocorua Trail

The Timberland Chocorua Trail is the only Timberland model that features modern hiking shoes. If you insist on buying Timberland shoes for hiking and are preparing for a more serious hiking route, this is a pair of shoes for you. But if you are planning to hike in extreme conditions and in the long run, choose other footwear instead.

By the way, this model is 100% waterproof, quite comfortable, and features a lot of traction and stability. However, they are heavier than expected but quite easy to walk in. Although it is questionable how long it will last in terms of quality, this is currently the best Timberland model for hiking.

4. 1978 Waterproof Hiking Boots

The Timberland 1978 Waterproof Hiking Boots are one of the better hiking models from this manufacturer. They can handle one-day hiking well and leave a great visual impression while walking around the city. They stand out from the others with their appearance due to their fabulous clay pot color.

The biggest drawback of these shoes is that they are not very comfortable. We came across comments from users who complain about bad seams and generally how the shoes are made. Also, liners from synthetics do not guarantee quality, but some people do not mind this.

How To Breaking In and Size Timberland Boots

  • Breaking in – It is common to expect that Timberland boots will be quite uncomfortable when you first wear them. You need to break them in, like any boots made of leather, after all. To break in Timberlands is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. They need to be worn as much as possible. Simply perform daily chores around the house, and it is not out of place to imitate a way of walking like when you are hiking.

    Put them on the same type of socks every day and do the same things in them. It is even recommended that you always tie them in the same way. Remember how your Timberland shoe brake-in they will stay that way forever.
  • Sizing Timberland is one of the few brands you should have no problem with when it comes to sizing. Their sizes are accurate to an inch. A big advantage is that it is possible to choose the width with certain models. When buying Timberland shoes, you are free to choose a pair that suits your usual foot size, and you will not go wrong.

If this choice confuses you, we recommend choosing the wide option. If your shoes later turn out to be too wide, you can easily solve the issue with thicker socks, but you will face a much bigger problem if your shoes are too tight.

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The History of Timberland Boots

History of Timberland Boots

Timberland boots are not a bad choice, but in the last few decades, their models had become obsolete, lagging behind at a time when it was most important for users to have sturdy footwear on their feet. For a long time as a manufacturer, Timberland cannot keep up with the latest hiking brands that are lighter and allow better mobility.

The manufacturer can boast of only two innovations. The first is to ensure water resistance by using thick silicone-coated leather in the manufacturing process.

There are also seams on the back of the shoe that allow durability regardless of weather conditions. Another innovation is the process of injection molding to leather uppers.

Once upon a time, seams ensured water resistance in the production process, but they were not enough. Therefore, the 1968 Timberland injection molding innovation was a great solution for completely closing the shoe.

The process works so that the polymer that assembles the uppers and soles has a cushion role. The result is a great seal that is created over the seams while keeping the shoe lighter than any other available at the time.

This innovation pushed Timberland to the top in the days when other manufacturers could not offer a competitive product. Their shoes were back then incredibly comfortable compared to others of the same category. The problem arose when Timberland stopped innovating.

Watch this youtube video to learn more about this brand.

Final Thoughts

So, can you use Timberland boots for hiking? When we talk about their classic models, the answer is – not really. These are heavy shoes that are more recommended for construction workers than hiking enthusiasts.

Standard Timberland models can serve well during short hikes on decent terrain. Also, they are not a bad choice for occasionally longer and more demanding hiking.

Although a robust look and weight are not what should be the greatest feature of hiking shoes, a lot of people still choose such shoes just because they trust their strength. In any case, people hiking wear a really wide range of footwear.

Not every foot is the same, so different types of boots are used for hiking by different people. If Timberland boots are the most comfortable for you to go on a hike – great. You should always pay attention when choosing hiking shoes because they are comfortable and safe.

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