How to Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up in Winter

If you’ve ever driven a car in winter with fogged-up windows, you know how stressful and dangerous that is. This is especially true when parking the vehicle backward or when you need to change your driving lane. To avoid a potential collision, it is necessary to defog the windows. In this article, we’ll talk about how to stop car windows from fogging. So, let’s go!

How to Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up in Winter? To stop car windows from fogging up, use the car heater in a cooler setting for a short time and then switch it up bit by bit. Doing this will reduce the moisture from the air and clear the windscreen at the same time, which will prevent fogging up again.

However, if the car does not have window heaters, or if the heating system in the car is not working properly, the windows will soon fog up to the point that driving is impossible. In the next lines, find out what to do to avoid such situations.

10 Methods To Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, if you often face the problem with fogged windows, we promise you that when you read this text, you will know how to solve this issue. We discussed this topic with car mechanics who offered technical solutions, but we also tried the products that could help. Below we bring you ten tips and tricks with the help of which you can stop the fogging of the windows in the vehicle.

1. Regularly Clean Car Windows

Clean your car windows

Even if you don’t notice it, dirt can easily accumulate on your car window while driving. When your car windows are dirty, there is a much higher chance that the windows will fog up because moisture sticks to dirt.

That is why it is important to wash your car windows in the winter months regularly. You should do it at least once a week. But be careful when the temperature outside is below zero.

After washing the windows, dry them well, and if possible, do not drive your car until you are sure that the windows are completely dry. Otherwise, the windows may freeze.

If you have this issue in the summer, be sure to read How To Defog Windshield In Summer?

2. Use Anti-Fog Spray

Remove Fog By Using Anti-Fog Spray

Every person who wears glasses has encountered that their lenses fogged up when going out to low winter temperatures. The same thing happens with car windows.

The solution for this is an anti-fog spray. So why wouldn’t you do the same regarding car windows? You can buy anti-fog spray in every store. It is available in larger packages and can protect any type of glass from fogging.

3. Use Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream to remove Fog From Car Window

If you think that using an anti-fog spray is expensive, there is another method you can use to get the same results. Instead of anti-fog spray, treat the windows with shaving cream! The result will be just as successful, and you can find shaving cream for as little as $2. You will have to get your hands dirty, but if you don’t mind, go ahead.

4. Turn Heating And AC At The Same Time

Turn on the Heating in Your Car

When you run into a cold car, the only thing on your mind is to warm it up as soon as possible. In such situations, the heating is usually set to maximum. However, by doing this, you will fog up the windows quickly.

A good solution in this situation is to turn on the AC system simultaneously with the heating. Heating the car when it is very cold outside causes moisture to build up in the vehicle, and the AC system will reduce the moisture to a minimum level.

Note! During winter, it is important to check your car batteries regularly.

The car’s AC/heater power ratio is always such that the heating cancels the cooling effect. You may not warm up as quickly as you are used to, but you will prevent fogging of your windows. You don’t know how to do this?  Don’t worry, watch the video in which Scotty Kilmer does it, with his advice, you can’t go wrong.

5. Avoid Using Recirculate

If the windows in your car are fogging up, there is a possibility that you have turned on the recirculate air button. When the same air circulates inside the car, it gets moist, and the windows fog up quickly. Instead of the recirculate option, activate the standard fan with air intake from the outside. Cold winter air is dry, when the car vent system draws it into the vehicle and directs it towards the windows, they will demist very quickly.

6. Shake Snow From Your Shoes

Shake Snow From Shoes

It may sound like an odd tip, but if you want to reduce fogging on your car windows in the winter, don’t get in your car with a coat and shoes covered in snow or soaked wet. When you get into your car while it’s snowing outside, try to shake off as many snowflakes as possible from your body. Why?

The fogging of windows is greatly caused by the formation of moisture in the air. When you get into a cold car with wet clothes and shoes and turn the heat on full blast, water will soon start to evaporate from what you’re wearing, and that evaporation will cause the windows to fog up and form condensation on them.

7. Do Not Bring Hot Drinks Into the Car

Avoid Hot Drinks

As we have already pointed out, the evaporation of the liquid increases the humidity in the air, which in turn causes fogging of the car window. This happens when you get into the car wearing clothes that have snow on them.

Also, it is advised not to get into a cold car with hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in the winter months. In this way, the windows will fog up even faster. As soon as you sit behind the wheel and put your hot drinks in the cup holder, you will no longer see anything!

8. Use Silica Dehumidifier

Silica Dehumidifier

You must have noticed the silica packets in boxes when you buy new shoes and clothes. This is because silica removes the moisture from the environment in which it is located and prevents mold formation. A good trick in the winter months is to have a silica dehumidifier in the car.

Silica dehumidifiers can be easily found in almost any supermarket. However, if you want to save money, you can simply collect the silica packets that you get for free with clothes and shoes all year round and put them in the car when winter comes. The ideal place to place a silica dehumidifier or silica packet is the control panel.

If you decide on silica packets, you can empty several of them into a glass and then put it in the cup holder. Note that this type of silica is recommended only if you do not often drive children or pets in the car. Silica balls are dangerous for human health if they get into the digestive system, and they are usually very tempting for children and dogs to play with.

9. Use Kitty Litter Soaks

Kitty Litter Soaks

Another method that you can use and save money if you don’t want to buy silica dehumidifiers is to use kitty litter soaks. Buy cat litter, or lend a cup if you have a cat! Fill some old sock with litter and tie it well at the top. Place it on the control panel in the car. If the sock is short, tighten it at the top with an elastic band. Note, be prepared that a little litter will always leak out of the sock.

10. Contact A Professional

If you’ve tried all the methods we’ve listed in this article to prevent your car’s windows from fogging up, and you haven’t solved the problem, then contact a professional.

Fogging of car windows can often signify that you have some kind of problem in the vehicle that causes fluid leakage and, thus, the formation of moisture. What exactly is happening with your car that the windows keep fogging up despite all the measures you have taken, a good auto mechanic will surely be able to find out.

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What Causes Car Windows to Fog Up During the Summer?

Car windows can be fogged even in the summer months. In the summer, the windows in the car can fog up if the AC system is faulty and warm air is blowing instead of cold or if you live in areas with a high concentration of moisture in the air.

The glass will quickly become foggy when the windows are closed, and there is more humidity outside than inside. Also, fogging of the car window can occur if the car has a defect that causes a leak.

FAQ: People Also Ask

Why are my car windows fogging up on the inside?

One of the most common reasons car windows fog up in winter is the difference in temperature inside and outside. When we get into a cold car and turn on the heating, the humidity in the air increases, and the windows fog up. That is why it is recommended not to get into the car wet in the winter or to use hot drinks inside.

How do I stop my car from fogging while driving?

When your windows start to fog up while driving, wipe them immediately with paper tissue or cloth within your reach. Then turn on the AC system, which will direct cold air to the windows. Considering it is cold outside, the windows will quickly de-fog, and you can drive safely.

Final Thoughts

If the car does not have window heaters, or if the heating system in the car is not in the best condition, the windows will quickly fog up in the winter. To prevent wasting time on demisting the windows, you can use fog spray or shaving foam, silica dehumidifier, or cat litter in the sock. In this article, we have provided you with 10 proven methods to prevent fogging of windows in the car. Try them out, and feel free to let us know which one has solved your problem.

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