10 Super Teardrop Campers With Bathrooms

Is it possible to buy a teardrop camper that has its own bathroom? Yes, it is possible. There are teardrop campers with bathrooms currently on the market, and they are beautiful and very practical. We are confident that you will be amazed by the models that we will present to you below. Now you can embark on a journey with teardrop campers without the hassle of finding a toilet when camping in the wild or driving for a long time in an uninhabited area. Let’s start!

Do Teardrop Campers Have Bathrooms?

Example of Teardrop Camper with a Bathroom

Of course, they have! RV vehicle manufacturers today offer a large selection of such vehicles. Teardrop campers are light vehicles which makes them easy to tow. They have always been popular, but they lacked bathroom comfort. Having a shower and toilet in an RV like this was unthinkable. Fans of teardrop campers have been looking for additional options for these vehicles, and several manufacturers have heard their request. Now that we’ve said that, let’s take a look at the best models on the market on offer.

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10 Best Super Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms 

Having a bathroom in a teardrop camper doesn’t mean that you will not have room for other features. To get a better picture, we present you the 10 teardrop campers with a bathroom that comes with a shower and toilet and still provides the user with a great space for dining, sleeping, and storage. See for yourself!

1. Little Guy Max Teardrop Camper

Little Guy Max Teardrop Camper

Little Guy Max is a great teardrop camper that provides and has high-quality features, including cabinets made of solid wood, a dinette that can be transformed into a bed, a master queen bed, and a functional kitchen. The vehicle is 21′ long. It also has a wet bath 6’2 “tall. You will certainly not be cramped in it.

Interior of Little Guy Max

Bathroom Details: This model comes with a full wet bath which is an integral part of the shower with a movable faucet head. Of course, the bathroom also has a toilet, marine style crafted, with a water-resistant toilet paper holder. The bathroom also boasts an excellent vent system for the ventilation of unpleasant odors and steam.

2. nuCamp TAB 400 Teardrop Camper

nuCamp TAB 400 Teardrop Camper

TAB 400 Teardrop Camper is especially popular due to its unique window frames and rounded design. It is 18’3 “long and 7’6” wide. It comes in an option suitable for camping in the wild, so you can travel with it literally wherever you want. In addition, this camper is equipped with all the features for a comfortable camping trip such as a dinette, kitchen, queen bed, and wet bath.

Interior of nuCamp TAB 400 Teardrop Camper

Bathroom Details: This camper has one of the largest bathrooms on the market when it comes to teardrop vehicles. When showering, it leaves the user enough space regardless of the person’s height, which is possible by the adjustable shower head. The bathroom has a corner toilet and a sink with a fold-up function that is easy to remove during shower time.

3. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15 FK

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15 FK

Bushwhacker Plus 15FK is only 15’6 ” long, but it contains all the necessary features that any camper needs to have. Inside the camper, there is a 12V refrigerator, small kitchen, wet bath, queen-sized bed, and dinette that folds into a bed. Dinette also has a swivel table. The price of this teardrop camper is around $15,000, which makes it one of the most affordable vehicles in its class.

Interior of Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15 FK

Bathroom Details: This model has a traditional bathroom with a built-in shower and a toilet that has an 8.5 gallons black tank for wastewater. This is especially important if you are going on a longer camping trip and don’t want to bother looking for a dumping station.

4. Aliner Grand Ascape ST

Aliner Grand Ascape ST

Grand Ascape ST is the smallest teardrop camper on our list. It is only 14 ‘in length, so it is a really pleasant surprise that the bathroom fits in it! And not only that. Inside this camper, you can find a kitchen with a sink and a two-burner stove, a dinette that can fold down to become a 77 ″ x 64 ″ bed, and a 3-way small refrigerator. Yeah, we are amazed as well!

Interior of Grand Ascape ST

Bathroom Details: The special feature of this camper is an entrance from the rear of the vehicle. The bathroom is located just to the right of the trailer entrance. Features a cassette toilet and shower. If you choose this model you will be pleasantly surprised.

5. Homegrown Trailers Timberline

Homegrown Trailers Timberline

Homegrown Timberline camper has an eco-friendly label, and its entire interior has wooden paneling, which gives it a natural look. Comes in two flooring versions. The owner can choose between 2 bunks and a queen bed or a dinette and a queen bed. Also, there is a bath and a kitchen. The interior of the Timberline is almost 7 ‘high in the center point, so there is no way that you will feel claustrophobic in this recreational vehicle.

Bathroom Details: Besides its eco-friendly label, this model also has installed a composting toilet. The bathroom also has a shower that all guests can easily use regardless of height.

6. Forest River R-Pod 171

Forest River R-Pod 171

Forest River R-Pod is especially popular among campers who want to have a smaller RV, but don’t want to miss comfort. Model 171 is the smallest model in the Forest River series, of only 19 ‘. But that’s why its interior is adorned with all possible luxuries such as a large kitchen, ample dinette seating, a wet bath, and a queen bed. 

Bathroom Details: The bathroom has a toilet that is connected to a stunningly large black tank of as much as 30 gallons, the largest among all the vehicles on our list. There is also a shower with a built-in sink, which is very easy to use.

7. Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S

Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S

The Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S is 21 ‘long, but that’s why it comes with a real dry bathroom. Also, this model is the only one we put on our list that has a slide-out, an option that gives the user a feeling of extra spaciousness. Inside the vehicle, there are a dinette, kitchen, queen bed, and pantry cabinet.

Bathroom Details: The bathroom in this teardrop is really special. Since we are talking about a dray bathroom, it is understood that the shower and toilet are separate. Below the sink is a convenient storage cabinet. The space is different from the others in that it contains a large wardrobe that is rarely found in teardrop trailers.

8. ICamp Elite Teardrop Trailer

ICamp Elite Teardrop Trailer

The iCamp Elite is a great fiberglass model that is a sturdy and reliable option when it comes to smaller teardrop campers. It has a fantastic design, is extremely easy to tow, and has a bathroom! Of course, there is a kitchen, sleeping area, TV, and enough storage in this camper next to the bathroom. A real little home on wheels!

Bathroom Details: The bathroom has a shower, cabinets, sink, and toilet. It is a well-used small space. Next to the bathroom, you will find a kitchen with a stove and sink, a TV shelf, and a refrigerator. The upper cabinets are made so that they can be used as wardrobes, and there is also a pull-out bed. All in all, it is a small trailer that has everything you need for camping.

9. The Happier Camper

Happier Camper

The Happier Camper is really a special trailer and it comes with a unique toilet option. This trailer does not have a closed-off bathroom, but the toilet option fits nicely into the vehicle layout and makes a big difference in comfort. The interior is spaciously suitable for changes and adding new features. The dimensions of this trailer are 20 “x20”, which leaves the owners a lot of opportunities to adapt it to their needs. There is plenty of storage space. Want to bring a ‘toy’ like a dirt bike to camping? Feel free, there is room!

Bathroom Details: In this model, there is an add-on Dry Flush Toilet option. This means that the toilet does not use water at all for waste disposal, but disposes of the waste in a special bag with the help of dry technology. Don’t worry, after using the toilet everything stays clean and fragrant.

The working principle of this toilet is special and is based on liner bags around the toilet bowl. Once you are done using the toilet, the bag closes, binds, and disappears! So, the toilet bowl stays clean without the use of water. Also, this type of toilet waste disposal system is excellent because there is no additional cleaning and problems with leaks and blockages.

10. Scamp 13-Foot Teardrop Trailer

Scamp 13-Foot Teardrop Trailer

The Scamp Trailer is another great option when it comes to teardrop trailers that have a bathroom. They come in several 13 ‘size flooring options, and most have a bathroom, seating, and dining area. But if you want a model with a bathroom in the front of the vehicle you have to say goodbye to the dinette. It is part of the floor plan without a bathroom.

Interior of Scamp 13-Foot Teardrop Trailer

Bathroom Details: Anyone who decides to consider the Scamp Trailer will find themselves in front of a large selection of floorplans, each having several different layout options. Each floorplan offers something different as an advantage so double-check that the model you like has a bathroom!

The 13′ Scamp Standard floor comes in two versions. There is a toilet option in one, while in the other there is no bathroom at all! On the other hand, the Scamp 13 ‘bathroom Deluxe comes in a special package that includes a built-in shower and toilet.

How Much Does a Teardrop Camper Cost?

Teardrop Camper with a Bathroom

The price of teardrop campers varies greatly from model to model and is primarily determined by the quality of work performed. When we talk about teardrops on our list, the price range is between $20,000 to $80,000! Our recommendation is to buy according to the amount of money you have at your disposal and focus on the layout that best suits your needs.

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What Is the Smallest RV With a Bathroom?

The Scamp Deluxe is the smallest RV that comes with a shower and toilet inside its 13ft. We did not find a smaller teardrop camper with a bathroom on the market while researching for this text.

Is it Worth Buying a Teardrop Camper with a Bathroom?

When you go camping, you can never be sure that a public toilet and shower will always be available in the location where you are at. Therefore, it always pays off to have a bathroom in your camper. Every trip is easier and more comfortable when you are not limited by hunting for the bathroom.

Teardrop campers are preferred because of their lightness and smaller dimensions. But these advantages do not mean that the owner has to give up luxuries such as a built-in bathroom. The manufacturers have done a really good job in the models we have presented to you. No doubt you will recognize this if you go camping in one of them.

Bathroom Tips For Teardrop Trailers While Camping

These tips are intended only for those owners of campers who have a toilet in their teardrop vehicles that require water. These tips do not apply to toilets with a dry flush system.

1. Use a Specific Type of Toilet Paper

Toilets in campers are very easy to clog since they work differently than home toilets. RV toilets do not have tubes to help remove large amounts of paper or debris, so clogging and unpleasant odors occur. You can prevent such situations by using special toilet paper that is designed for RV toilets.

They are made so that they decompose easier and faster and prevent bad odors. They are often called single-ply or just RV toilet paper. You can find these types of papers on Amazon or other online shops.

2. Empty your Toilet Tank Regularly

To avoid clogging the toilet and spreading unpleasant odors to your vehicle, you must regularly empty your toilet waste tanks. However, be especially careful to close the drain hole well. Keep in mind that the tanks should not be emptied too often because you will be left without liquid for decomposing waste, and all solid waste will remain stuck in the tank, which is not pleasant.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of different teardrop camper models on the market. The weight and functionality of the camper are affected by toilets, showers, water heaters, sinks, water tanks, and storage space for all the things you carry with you on the trip. Before you set out in search of your ideal teardrop camper, determine what your priorities are.

If you own a strong towing vehicle like a pickup truck, you will probably want a teardrop with a real bathroom such as the iCamp Elite, which boasts a 6-gallon water heater and gray and black tanks for bathroom waste. But if you need a teardrop camper with a bathroom that you will be able to adapt to your needs gradually or will only serve as an additional space next to your house, the right choice is the Happier Camper.

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