14 Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples

Camping is an ideal romantic outdoor activity that can be a fun experience for you and your partner to build trust and intimacy. However, to enjoy your camping trip, you will need to plan some things. This may not be as simple as you thought, so we are here to lay out some ideas that you can do to make ordinary camping a romantic one.

Here we present 14 interesting romantic ideas you can do while camping. You will learn what meals you can cook during camping and how to make an outdoor experience more romantic than it sounds. So, let’s start!

1. Look For a Secluded Campsite

Secluded Campsite

The location is of the greatest importance for campers and is even more important if you bring your partner and do not want to be surrounded by families and children. That is why finding a camp where you will be alone may be tricky. Yosemite National Park sounds fun but not so fun when little children run around and make noise while you are on a romantic date.

That is why sometimes it is better to search for smaller campgrounds that are not very popular amongst people, like Appalachian Trail or Joshua Tree National Park. These places can offer you beautiful views and privacy, which is important if you want quality time with your partner.

2. Create a Romantic Ambiance

Romantic Ambiance

Creating a romantic ambiance during a camping trip is one of the most important things. Small tents are not so comfortable, so it is preferable to use larger tents. A four-persons tent is a good idea for two people for an ideal experience. It is also recommended to bring good pillows and cozy blankets!

Your camping experience can also include accessories like string lights or scented candles, but you need to be careful and pay attention to them so that they do not burn something in your tent. A good detail is to bring an inflatable bed that fits in your tent to make it very comfortable. Also, a glamping tent can be a good idea.

3. Prepare a Multi-course Meal

Usually, when you go on a romantic camping trip, it is important to keep things simple. That’s how it should be when it comes to preparing meals. The good idea is to bring more food and cook a meal you both like. Since you have your partner, you can cook together and see this as an opportunity for teamwork and bonding.

For a multi-course meal, you can always start with a platter and ends with a simple dessert like s’mores. A platter can be cheese, fruit, or even meat. Talk with your partner and decide what suits you best. Invest in a good kit for eating and set up a space where you plan to have lunch/dinner. You can even use trees as a table and chairs if the opportunity arises.

4. Have a Sunset Picnic

Romantic Sunset Picnic

A sunset picnic is always a good idea for your romantic camping experience. If you live near the place you plan to go camping, you can go a few days earlier and see where the most beautiful sunset will be.

Also, it’s important to bring everything that you may need if it gets cold and bring food. It may be easier to cook the food before you come there but more creative if you decide to do it on the spot. If that is the case, do not forget to bring kitchen essentials like a stove and cookware.

5. Romantic Stargazing

Go Stargazing

Stargazing is a popular activity amongst campers, especially couples who spend their together-time outdoors. If you decide to watch the sunset, it is ideal to stay for the stars too. However, there are a few things that you should bring with you to have a good time.

Make sure to bring sleeping pads or even bags if the night is cold. You can also bring blankets, gloves, and hats to ensure that the cold will not ruin your experience.

It is best to go stargazing in some isolated location where the light will not bother you. Some campgrounds are specifically made for this, like Death Valley National Park, but you can do it anywhere. You just need to ensure that the location is accessible and you can see the stars.

6. Bring a Double Sleeping Bag

Double Sleeping Bag

Sleeping in separate sleeping bags during a camping trip is not very romantic. Therefore, if possible, try to bring a double sleeping bag. They will serve you perfectly so that you and your partner can be next to each other even while you sleep.

If you bring a double sleeping bag, it is also a good idea to invest in a large double-size air mattress that fits inside your tent. That is a good choice because it will make your night comfortable without worrying about two regular-sized mattresses dividing in the middle of the night.

7. Make a Campfire

Create a Campfire

A campfire is always a great choice for campers but even a better one for couples if they want to keep things romantic. Usually, campgrounds have fire pits/rings on campsites for campers to use freely, so it should not be a problem to plan a campfire.

To light a fire, you must collect wood together and arrange them nicely. It is also important to check if there are any fire bans in the surrounding area and to ensure that you and your partner know the local fire regulations.

8. Play Fun Games

Play Fun Games

There are a lot of fun games that you can play to relax, have fun, and bond with your partner. That can be a great way to end your adventure and prepare for the next day of fun activities. You can pack some camping games from your home or simply play cards and enjoy each other’s company. You need to remember that not everything is about winning. A good time is all that matters!

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9. Relax With a Glass of Wine

Camping With a Glass of Wine

Alcohol often makes things more fun and relaxing, so you can also use it for camping trips. It can be a good idea to cheer with your partner with a glass of wine and to watch the sunset. Of course, the goal is not to get drunk but to relax.

If you decide that this is something you would like to do, we recommend bringing plastic cups instead of glass ones. Because of that, avoid glass cups. You can invest in some camping mugs or something similar to them.

10. Bring a Hammock


A hammock is always a good idea if you plan to use your camping trip for relaxing. You can always use them when watching the sunset or going stargazing since they can be a comfortable and fun option. If you do not want to sleep in a tent during summer, you can buy a hammock net and enjoy sleeping together in a double hammock without bugs bothering you. A hammock is also a good choice since it is easy to install it.

11. Take Photos From Your Trip

Capture moments

In today’s world, it is all about the photos, and even though you should not focus only on that and try to live in the moment as much as possible, it is nice to have a few photos to remind you of the nice time with your partner.

New smartphones like iPhones and Samsung are very good for taking photos, but some people still gravitate towards “older” methods like digital cameras. If you have a digital camera, that is a much better option than your smartphone.

A cooler is a must for those who are going on a camping trip. Because of that, you might want to read How Long Does Ice Last In a Cooler? (Tips To Last Longer).

12. Look For a Romantic Campsite

When picking a campsite, search for one that has a romantic vibe. We discussed how important it is to find a private location for you and your partner. It would be preferable to have water around you and many trees and flowers (depending on the season). The best would be to explore the location before so that you can be sure that it is the perfect one.

13. Pay Attention to Each Other

Today, as we live in the digital age, people are more and more on mobile phones and social networks instead of devoting themselves to each other. That is why you should turn off your smartphone and pay attention only to your partner and your relationship. This will make things more special, and you and your partner will remember this experience for a long time.

14. Go Swimming

Swimming during camping

We have already talked about the fact that a private location offers many benefits, and one of them is swimming. Think about a romantic swim if you have a river or a lake on your campsite. This can be a fun activity to include in your schedule. This can also be a good way to cool down after hiking or after long and warm sunny days in summer.

If you are going on a camping trip, you might also want to know What Food you Should Bring for 3 Days of Camping.

Final Thoughts

Going on a camping trip with your partner is the best thing if you want to create memories that will last for a long time. Therefore, good preparation is very important. If you and your partner are relaxed, you will surely have a good and special time together.

You can take your camping to another level by preparing food and searching for the best locations for watching the sunset and stargazing. And do not forget to take photos of your time together! I hope that this article has helped you.

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