5 Common Coleman Mach RV Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are becoming very popular among Americans, especially in the last few years. Owning an RV offers many advantages, especially if you like to travel a lot. Most RVs today have a bathroom, bed, kitchen, and everything that is necessary for a nice and pleasant trip.

But one of the very important things that every RV should have is an air conditioner (AC) system. During the summer, it can be very hot in RV, so it is necessary to have a good AC system in function. In addition, the journey to the desired camping destination in the summer is much more pleasant when the vehicle is air-conditioned.

The need for high-quality and effective cooling systems for RVs was among the first offered by the manufacturer Coleman from Chicago. They started the production of AC devices for RVs guided by the idea that air conditioning is exactly what is missing from these vehicles.

The Coleman Mach RV AC system is highly praised among RV owners. However, this device can also have problems since there is no product without errors. In this article, we’ll cover all common problems related to the Coleman Mach RV AC system and how to solve them. So, let’s start!

Coleman Mach RV Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

As the AC system is very important in recreational vehicles, it needs to function properly. In the overview below, we’ll go through all the troubleshoots that can occur when it comes to Coleman March RV air conditioners and how to solve them.

1. Adjust Your AC Thermostat

In order to have a comfortable and optimal temperature in your RV, you must adjust your thermostat. If this is not done, the air conditioner will not be able to cool the room down. One of the possible reasons that can happen is that your AC system starts to blow hot air instead of a cold one. If this is the case, check if you have adjusted the thermostat correctly.

The AC unit will effectively cool the room if you set the thermostat to a temperature a few degrees lower than what is currently. When the AC device blows warm air, there is a good chance that you have done the opposite, i.e. set the thermostat to a higher temperature.

If you think your RV thermostat is broken, read: 4 Ways to Tell If an RV Thermostat Is Bad.

This issue can be very easily fixed. With the help of the AC system’s control panel, adjust the thermostat to a lower temperature, and the warm air will soon replace the cool one. If you don’t know what temperature to set the thermostat for it to start the cooling process, don’t worry. Set the lowest possible temperature, and stop the cooling process at that temperature level after you feel the cooling effect.

2. Clean AC Filters And Vents

In order for any AC system to work properly, it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. If this is not done, dust and dirt accumulate, which can easily interfere with the operation of the device, and cause the AC system to heat the room instead of cooling it. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the Coleman Mach RV AC system involve inspecting air filters and vents. When you stay in an RV and use the AC unit daily, it is recommended that you do it at least once a month. It may seem like an overwhelming task, but it is not.

How to do this? Remove the plastic cover on the front of the device by gently pressing it with your hand. After removing the cover, the vents will be in front of you, and you will easily be able to determine whether you need to clean them or not. I’m sure you’ll at least have the dust to clean.

The process of cleaning RV AC unit can be seen in this YouTube video:

Use a cloth for cleaning. Also, next to the vents, you will notice a white filter. It should be removed, inspected, and also cleaned. Be especially careful when putting the filter back in place. It should be fixed well.

After you have thoroughly cleaned the Coleman Mach RV AC system, it should perform its function without any problems. But if the device still doesn’t work properly, it is time to check if all the wires are connected well.

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3. Inspect Your RV Circuit Breaker

If you have a problem with the wiring inside your RV, you can easily figure out that this is the reason why your AC system isn’t working. The Colman AC system runs on electricity, and if there is no power, it won’t operate. When a situation like this happens, we recommend calling a professional electrician to check it.

However, if you have experience with electricity, you can try to solve the problem yourself. The first step is disconnecting your AC unit from the main circuit breaker.

It may happen that the fuse inside the circuit breaker has burned out and thus stopped the operation of your device. If this is the case, buy the new fuse and replace it. Fuses for Colman AC systems can be found in almost any electrical store since Colman is a popular American brand.

How to change a fuse? Simply remove the old fuse from the circuit breaker and place the new one in the same place. If you don’t know how to do it, contact an electrician for help. After the fuse is back in the system, turn on the power and check if your Colman AC system works. Also, you can check the wires by using a multimeter to see that the electricity is back on.

4. Problem With AC Leaking

Colman Mach AC systems can have leakage problems, which can damage not only your air conditioner unit but also your RV. According to user experience, leaks usually occur on rainy days, although this is not always the case.

One of the causes of leaks is loosened screws on the AC unit located at the top of the RV. To solve this issue, grab a screwdriver, inspect the AC and tighten each screw well. If the leakage stops, you have solved the problem, but if it continues, there is a high possibility that your problem is something else.

Another cause of the leak could be the AC gasket, a part of the device that serves as a leak blocker. However, a damaged gasket is not a common case. If the gasket is out of function, you will have to replace it.

How to know that a damaged gasket is causing the leak? Inspect the area around your AC unit. If you can feel that the surfaces around the unit are soaked with moisture, it is time to change the gasket on your Coleman Mach RV AC. Once again, this is a job for an electrician, but if you have experience with this type of work, you can change the gasket yourself. 

How to replace a damaged gasket? First, disconnect the power in your RV. Gently remove the gasket and separate it from the rest of the system.

The gasket usually has a channel to which it is attached to the heat pump. However, if the gasket is fixed without a channel, mark where it is connected so that you know exactly where to install the new one.

Before you put the new gasket, clean everything thoroughly. Do not install a new gasket until all surfaces are completely dry because the adhesive side of the gasket will not be able to stick well to the heat pump, and you will have to do everything again.

When the surface is dry, stick the gasket to the channel or to the mark that was made earlier. Finally, press the gasket firmly to make a good connection with the surface. And your work is done!

If you need RV roof sealants to fix this issue, be sure to check this article: 8 Best RV Roof Sealants (Choose Best for Your Camper).

5. Problem With The AC Compressor

Lastly, the problem with your Coleman Mach RV AC system can be related to a defective compressor or a fan. To check if this is the case, measure the voltage of your AC unit. The voltage level should be 103.5V. A voltmeter is the best way to do this.

Place the voltmeter in the outlet from which the device is powered and then turn it on. Note the RV compressor will only be fully activated after 2 minutes, so be sure to wait. If you have a voltage problem, contact a professional to fix this issue so you don’t do even more damage.

If you still have a problem with your AC unit, we suggest watching this Coleman Mach RV AC poor performance fix video.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

Where is the reset button on a Coleman AC unit?

Coleman AC units usually have the reset button installed outside. Just search for a red button. However, if the reset button is not located on the external surface of the device, a good place to look is next to the service panel, which is located inside the device.

Why Is My RV AC running but not cooling?

This is usually the cause of poor maintenance where coils and fins are accumulated with dirt and the cooling process cant start. Regular maintenance is required with all AC units in order for them to work properly.

Final Thoughts

The Coleman Mach RV AC system is highly popular among RV owners. However, this AC unit can also have problems related to the cooling system, just like others. We explained what you need to do if hot air starts to come out. Besides cooling, leaking problems are also possible.

You can try to solve the difficulties in the operation of the device by cleaning the vents and filters, changing the damaged gasket or fuse, and repairing the compressor. While some of these jobs can be your DIY project, leave the work to a professional when working with electrical wires.

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